Ricoh's CX5 features a specification befitting a advanced compact camera and a price-tag to match. But does it improve on the previous generation, the Ricoh CX4, enough to warrant the upgrade? We take a closer look to find out if it stands up to the test...

Product Overview

Overall rating:


Ricoh CX5

Overall score:86%
Image Quality:90%


  • Good image quality, excellent LCD screen, retro design


  • Lack of manual mode, no Raw capture, high price tag relative to competing advanced compacts


Ricoh CX5 Review


Price as reviewed:


Performance & Image Quality

Ricoh CX5 review – Performance

Performance is one area in
which the CX5 has gained its main improvements. A new AF system has been
implemented which, Ricoh claims and is reflected in use, improves the
focus times greatly. The CX5 has also received a few tweaks to its
processor which has sped up shot to shot speed, and overall the camera
feels snappier in the hand. The CX5 also as a well laid-out and designed
menu system, and is in general a pleasure to use. There is no escaping,
however, that the camera could definitely have benefitted from the
addition of both Raw capture and full manual controls.

Ricoh CX5 review – Image quality

Images produced by the CX5
are as impressive as on previous generations – colour reproduction is
as pleasing as pleasing as before, with images exhibiting a natural tone
overall. Dynamic range in conventional shooting mode is also
impressive, with clear detail retained in even extreme shadows and
highlights. Sharpness is also pleasing, owing to the quality optics,
while barrel distortion is kept to an impressive minimum considering the
extreme focal range offers by the 10.7x optical zoom.

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