The Panasonic Lumix SZ8 is the manufacturer's latest beginner compact featuring Intelligent Auto scene analysing mode and integrated Wi-fi

Product Overview

Panasonic Lumix SZ8


Panasonic Lumix SZ8


The new Panasonic Lumix SZ8 is designed for users getting to grips with using a digital camera, and comes equipped with Panasonic’s Intelligent Auto mode that selects ideal settings based on the shooting situation.

The built-in Wi-fi on the SZ8 allows for automatic post-capture sharing of images and videos with the Instant Transfer function. Pairing the camera with a smartphone or tablet allows it to be controlled remotely, and the device screen can be used as a view screen.

The SZ8 has a fixed 24mm lens with a 12x optical zoom. Optical Image Stabiliser compensates for handshake even at the full extent of the zoom, and the SZ8 is also capable of shooting video in 720p HD.

There are also a number of creative modes and filters effects. Creative Retouch allows for them to be added after taking a shot.

Price and availability information is yet to be announced.