Panasonic Lumix LZ40, offers a versatile fixed lens and increased battery life in a compact and versatile package

Product Overview

Panasonic Lumix LZ40


Panasonic Lumix LZ40


Panasonic has announced the latest addition to its Lumix range in the shape of the Panasonic Lumix LZ40 bridge camera.

The Lumix LZ40 features a 22mm wide-angle lens complete with a 42x optical zoom, and it has an integrated Optical Image Stabiliser. The camera also boasts a 20MP sensor that Panasonic says will perform well in low light, and a 3-inch 460k-dot LCD display screen.

The large-capacity li-ion battery in the Lumix LZ40 will allow you to shoot up to 320 images before recharging. While not spectacular, this is a marked improvement on other Panasonic Lumix models such as the GM1.

Pitched as a camera for taking your photography ‘to the next level’ from a smartphone or entry level compact, the LZ40 offers full manual control and Intelligent Auto (iA) modes. iA mode makes use of other functions such as Face Detection and Intelligent Exposure, taking control entirely out of the user’s hands.

There is also a Creative Panorama mode, which can overlay horizontal and vertical images to create large scale panoramas, and an array of creative filter effects such as Sepia, Soft Focus and Miniature Effect.

The LZ40 shoots HD video in 1280 x 720p, and can be switched to video mode immediately with the ‘Motion Picture’ button also found on the new TZ55 and TZ60.

Pricing and availability are yet to be announced