The Leica Q doesn’t come cheap, but it’s still got people talking. Find out why in our Leica Q (Typ 116) review.

Product Overview

Overall rating:


Leica Q (Typ 116)

Image Quality:95%


  • Snappy AF set-up; High-end build quality and finish; Class-leading EVF


  • Lacking a microphone socket; High price tag


Leica Q (Typ 116) Review


Price as reviewed:


Leica Q (Typ 116) Review – Performance

One of the most impressive areas of the Leica Q’s performance, and perhaps the outstanding highlight, is undoubtedly the model’s EVF. Thanks to the class-leading specification it’s perhaps the closest to an optical viewfinder we’ve seen to date, however it still benefits from the features of an electronic viewfinder including close focus pull-up and shooting information.

Leica Q product shot 1

The Leica Q’s EVF is particularly impressive

Another impressive area of the Leica Q’s performance is the model’s touchscreen. The high resolution makes reviewing and image capture a pleasing experience, although where it really excels is with AF area selection. A simple touch of the required focus point on the screen orders the Q to acquire focus, a process it executes quickly and accurately.

On the subject of focus while focus speed is not an area for which Leica is renowned the Leica Q is somewhat of a revelation. The model utilises a contrast detection set-up that, in line with various other system in recent times, offers a level of performance in line with the previously superior phase detection systems.

Leica Q product shot 12

There’s no denying the Leica Q’s sleek design

Focussing is prompt in a variety of conditions and lighting, and will be up to the job for most of the requirements of the potential purchasers.

Through all these are notably strong areas of performance, perhaps the thing that sticks with you the most is just how pleasing the Leica Q is to use. It just makes you want to shoot with it, which is surely the most desirable characteristic in any camera.

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