We find out if the Fujifilm X100T is anything more than a cosmetic update in our Fujifilm X100T review

Product Overview

Overall rating:


Fujifilm X100T

Image Quality:95%


  • - Superbly refined hybrid viewfinder
  • - Intuitive dial-led handling
  • - Exquisite image quality
  • - Stylish build and design


  • - Lacklustre video with no stabilisation
  • - Macro mode awkwardly implemented
  • - Small, fiddly rear buttons


Fujifilm X100T Review


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Fujifilm X100T Review: Video


Today we’re looking at the Fujifilm X100T enthusiast compact camera. In particular we’re taking a closer look at its most interesting new feature, its Advanced Hybrid Viewfinder.

At first glance the X100T’s viewfinder looks much like the previous models. It has a hybrid design which means it be switched from an optical view to electronic, simply by flicking a lever on the front of the camera.

Cleverly the electronic display can be used to overlay lots of shooting information in the optical viewfinder, and you can opt to show as much or little of this as you like.

The X100T’s new trick is that it can show a small electronic viewfinder display in the lower right corner of the optical finder, and this can be used to check focusing. This works in both autofocus and manual focus modes. It’s accessed by flicking the viewfinder lever the opposite way.

In manual focus the display offers a choice of three focusing aids; standard magnified view, Fujifilm’s unique digital split image mode, and focus peaking mode, which highlights edges that are in focus.

You can switch through these by clicking-in and holding the thumb dial on the back of the camera for a second or so. A quick click of the thumb dial magnifies the display.

In the standard and peaking views, you can also move the focus area around the frame, which is useful for working with off-centre subjects.

So that was a demonstration of how the X100T’s new Advanced Hybrid Viewfinder works. Check back on www.whatdigitalcamera.com for our full review of the camera, once we’ve had time to test it out fully.

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