We find out if the Fujifilm X100T is anything more than a cosmetic update in our Fujifilm X100T review

Product Overview

Overall rating:


Fujifilm X100T

Image Quality:95%


  • - Superbly refined hybrid viewfinder
  • - Intuitive dial-led handling
  • - Exquisite image quality
  • - Stylish build and design


  • - Lacklustre video with no stabilisation
  • - Macro mode awkwardly implemented
  • - Small, fiddly rear buttons


Fujifilm X100T Review


Price as reviewed:


Fujifilm X100T Review – Verdict

Fujifilm-X100T-product-shot-1Fujifilm has pulled off quite a trick here – managing to produce an impressive and comprehensive update over a previous camera without changing either the sensor or the lens.

To call the X100T a cosmetic update is to spectacularly miss the point. It’s a refinement of basically all of the previous X-series models, taking everything the firm learned from the many iterations since the X100 and piling it all into a camera that, as a result, handles like a dream.

The Fujifilm X100T just works. It’s a superb piece of kit that produces a thoroughly enjoyable shooting experience. The altered aperture ring, 3-stop exposure compensation, D-pad AF area control all make things run smoother, and the addition of Wi-fi and USB charging bolster the X100T’s credibility as a versatile, professional tool.

There’s also everything we’ve loved about the X-series before – the dial-led handling, the exquisite images and the hybrid viewfinder. And, of course, it just looks cool. Can’t forget that.

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