The Fujifilm X100S looks to build on the success of the Fujifilm X100 – a camera that was an instant hit with photographers. How does it fare? We find out in the What Digital Camera Fujifilm X100S review

Product Overview

Overall rating:


Fujifilm X100S

Overall score:91%
Image Quality:95%


  • Superb lens and sensor combination; Hybrid viewfinder; Handling characteristics; Premium feel


  • 35mm lens might be a bit restrictive for some; Pricey option when CSCs are considered; While improved, AF still not quick in all situations


Fujifilm X100S Review


Price as reviewed:


Sample Image Gallery

These are just a small selection of images from our Fujifilm X100S review. For more, head over to the Fujifilm X100S review sample image gallery.

Fujifilm X100S sample image

0.3 sec @ f/4, ISO 200, AWB. Velvia film simulation mode

Fujifilm X100S sample image

1/60 sec @ f/4, ISO 400, Custom White Balance

Fujifilm X100S review sample image

1/60 sec @ f/5.6, ISO 200, AWB

fujifilm x100s sample image 7

1/75 sec @ f/4, ISO 400, AWB

fujifilm x100s sample image 6

1/45 sec @ f/5.6, ISO 400, +1EV, AWB

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