The Fujifilm S200EXR is the latest edition of Fuji's popular SLR-styled range and boasts the company's latest EXR sensor, but will it tempt people away from the budget DSLRs?

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Fujifilm FinePix S200EXR

Overall score:83%
Image Quality:85%


  • Image quality, EXR system and build quality, zoom range


  • Manual focus ring, lack of wide angle on lens, EVF


Fujifilm FinePix S200EXR Review


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Fujifilm S200EXR Review


When the so-called DSLR-styled cameras first took hold in the digital market, they bridged the gap between the fairly simplistic compact camera and the then hefty-priced DSLR. The ‘bridge’ camera was just that, both in terms of functionality and price.


However, as DSLR prices have fallen and compacts have become more advanced, bridge cameras have felt a squeeze. And now with Micro Four Thirds cameras offering a similar concept, with the benefit of removable lenses, many would question this type of camera’s purpose.




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Fujifilm S200EXR review – Features


Fuji’s range of bridge cameras have always offered an almost DSLR-like level of creative control and this model is no exception. The S200 offers full manual shooting control, with both aperture and shutter priorities, as well as traditional barrel controlled zoom and manual focus if required.


The viewfinder is a 200k-dot electronic screen that can be used as an alternative to the 2.7in rear LCD screen for both composition and menu navigation. The camera boasts all the latest technology that we come to expect of any new ‘creative’ camera: face detection, optical image stabilisation, and movie functionality – though only at 640×480 and below, not HD. Its major unique selling point, however, is its sensor: this is Fuji’s EXR sensor, which offers a choice of three settings to optimise results.


Depending on the way the photosites on the sensor are used it can prioritise for high resolution, signal to noise, and dynamic range. These modes can be chosen from the menu or selected automatically by the camera. It’s worth noting however that, due to the way the sensor is used, both the signal to noise and dynamic range priority modes produce smaller images (6MP) as pixels are combined.


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