Fuji's F600EXR is the latest 15x travel zoom, but does it add enough to the series? The What Digital Camera Fujifilm FinePix F600 review...

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Fujifilm FinePix F600EXR

Overall score:89%
Image Quality:85%


  • Great value, 24-360mm zoom, Raw files, manual control


  • Raw write time, image flare, similar to predecessor


Fujifilm FinePix F600EXR Review


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Fujifilm FinePix F600EXR review – Design

Sit the F600EXR next to the F550EXR and you won’t be able to tell the difference between the pair. This is down to the fact that they are identical in build.

The F600EXR’s slim design is impressive considering the implication of its rangey lens. When the camera’s turned off the lens is tucked away inside the body which makes the camera all the morepocketable.

As well as a tilted mode dial to the top of the camera the usual d-pad arrangement on the rear is met with a series of other buttons: there’s F (Function), Display, Playback and Movie each dealt with individually. Jumping into on-screen options via the function buttons means it’s easy to make adjustments to settings, or for straightforward point-and-shoot work the mode dial can be used to let the camera take over. It’s a simple and effective layout.

If you choose to shoot in Aperture or Shutter Priority modes then the d-pad doubles up as a rotational wheel and is used to toggle though the settings, while in Manual mode the Exposure Compensation button is used to swap between shutter and aperture selection. Dip into the Advanced shooting mode and you’ve got the choice of either a Panorama (which works by sweeping the camera from left to right in real time) or Pro Focus (which blurs the background to mimic the effect of a shallow depth-of-field shot typical of DSLRs). The latter mode does do a pretty convincing job, too.

There’s a pleasing, but small non-slip rubberised grip on the body, while the flash is stowed neatly in the body, popping when only when the flash button to the side of the camera is pressed.

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