Canon PowerShot D30 Review - Canon's latest waterproof compact follows on from some impressive predecessors, but can it match their performance both in and out of the water?

Product Overview

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Canon PowerShot D30

Overall score:82%
Image Quality:90%


  • Style; Build quality; Performance


  • Outdated features; Lens quality


Canon PowerShot D30 Review


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Canon PowerShot D30 Review – Verdict

Canon PowerShot D30 Review - front view

The Canon PowerShot D30 is really just the two-year-old D20 in a new body. It lacks a number of useful features found on more recent cameras, such as a higher resolution sensor, wireless connectivity options and advanced GPS features.

While its performance and image quality still hold up, it is surpassed in most other respects by newer and often cheaper cameras from other brands.

Its extra 25m diving depth, seven metres deeper than its nearest competitor and very impressive on paper, is actually not much of an advantage in the real world, since it can’t really hope to compete with a dedicated diving cameras.

It’s a good-looking camera, with nice handling and some good features, but at the asking price it is simply not very good value when compared to its rivals.

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