Is the Aldi Wildlife Camera a great buy for wildlife photographers? What Digital Camera sent Luke Massey out into the wild to find out how it performs

Product Overview

Overall rating:


ALDI Maginon Wildlife Camera

Overall score:73%
Image Quality:65%


  • Small and compact, Perfect for popping in to a bag and taking out on treks, Ability for both video and stills, Time stamping on/off option, Useful for working out when the animals are visiting.


  • Poor quality of night images, Missed shots, A lot of blank shots, either triggered too late or mistakenly, Poor dynamic range.


ALDI Maginon Wildlife Camera Review

Price as reviewed:


Image Quality

Image quality varies greatly; you won’t be getting any award winning images. However, when the light is even you can get some nice stuff.

Unfortunately at night the quality does drop significantly, images are only really suitable for record shots. As already mentioned, the IR light is too strong for any close images, however wide shots are fine but there is a fair amount of noise.

During the day, shadow detail does cause some problems, you have to study the image closely to see identify the subject. However, I found bringing the images in to image editing software and adjusting the shadows, enabled me to see a bit more detail in the picture.

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