At just 16.7mm thick, Olympus' new 8MP FE-250 provides the compact user with a slim-line high-resolution option.

At just 16.7mm thick, Olympus’ new FE-250 provides the compact user with a slim-line high-resolution option. The FE-250 is also the first in the series to incorporate Olympus? own BrightCapture Technology, which Olympus says improves the camera’s low-light performance. The FE-250 will hits the shelves in February with an estimated price of £200. For further information call 0800 0720070 or visit

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The 8 Megapixel Olympus FE-250

London, 25 January 2007: With an 8.0 Megapixel CCD, the FE-250 produces crystal-clear pictures and delivers the power to print large, high-resolution photos. The 3x zoom lens gives photographers all the range they need to capture a wide variety of subjects from landscapes to portraits and close ups. Yet despite featuring a whopping 6.4cm LCD screen with 230,000 pixels, this stylish, metal-bodied camera is still small enough to be easily taken anywhere.

With its ?one button, one function? design principle the FE-250 is remarkably easy to operate. Choices of 15 scene modes guarantee great results in many often experienced situations. This camera also features eight shooting programmes and a convenient mode dial makes choosing between them simplicity itself. Programmes include Movie recording with sound as well as Image Stabilisation, which employs BrightCapture Technology to avoid blurred photos by boosting the ISO value to 10,000*. By selecting modes such as Candle or Indoor, the special mood and atmosphere of night-time settings can by faithfully captured as the need to use the flash is also significantly reduced.

In addition to its internal memory, the camera features a memory card slot that accepts tiny xD-Picture Cards ? available in up to 2GB capacity. The Olympus Master software included with the FE-250 rounds out this package, giving a fun way to edit, view and archive photos on a computer. The Olympus FE-250 will be available from camera shops in February 2007, with an estimated High Street price of £200. For further information call 0800 0720070 or visit

The Olympus FE-250 ? main features:
8.0 Megapixel CCD in a stylish metal body
3x optical zoom (equiv. to 35-105mm on a 35mm model), 1:2.8-4.7
6.4cm/2.5? LCD (with 230,000 pixels)
BrightCapture Technology
High ISO setting mode (up to ISO 3200 with full 8.0 Megapixels)
ISO 6400 and 10,000 in 3MP mode
?One button, one function? design principle
Super Macro mode from 10cm
15 scene modes (e.g. Candle, Indoor or Sport)
Internal memory plus xD-Picture Card slot
Movie recording with sound up to card capacity
Supplied with Olympus Master software + LI-42B lithium ion battery
Multi-language menu with 25 languages

‘One button, one function’ design principle
All essential functions, such as shooting, playback and viewing on the LCD, as well as erasing, are easily activated via a single button making controlling the camera child?s play.

BrightCapture Technology
A technology developed for better shooting results in low light situations. BrightCapture works in two ways: i) All available pixel information from the image sensor is used to provide a view on the LCD that?s up to four times brighter than conventional types, to make framing easy even in dark surroundings. ii) In certain shooting modes sensitivity is increased (resolution is sometimes reduced), which results in well-exposed images with accurate colour reproduction, high contrast and definition, even when not using the flash. Scene modes that benefit from BrightCapture Technology include Candle, Night Scene and Available Light.

Developed by Olympus, the TruePic TURBO image processor automatically enhances important aspects of image quality: colour reproduction (colour range, saturation and brightness), picture sharpness, as well as processing speed.

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