Olympusu2019 new FE-210 aims to offer high-end performance for those with a low-end budget - packing in 7MP and a 2.5 inch LCD in a camera priced u00a3100.

Olympus? new FE-210 aims to offer high-end performance for those with a low-end budget. Aimed at newcomers to digital photography, the FE-210 incorporates Olympus? ?One button, one function? design principle. A 7.1Megapixel sensor coupled with a 2.5inch LCD ensure that the FE-210 owner receives a lot of camera for an estimated High Street price of just £100.

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High quality real photos at an affordable price: The Olympus FE-210

London, 25 January 2007With a 7.1 Megapixel CCD, the FE-210 packs lots of imaging power. No matter whether you want to just view your shots on-screen, get them printed to postcard size for your album, or as poster size prints for your walls, the photos come out a treat every time. The 3x zoom lens gives users the flexibility needed to capture outstanding shots no matter whether they?re stood close to the subject or some distance away, and the results can be easily checked and shown around to groups of friends on the big 6.4cm LCD screen.

Incorporating a ?one button, one function? design principle, the FE-210 is ready for use straight out of the box and 15 scene modes have been pre-programmed with the best settings for many common shooting situations such as Indoor, Fireworks, and Self Portrait ? a handy Movie function has even been included to let users record the action as it happens.

To meet memory needs, the camera?s internal memory is complemented with an xD-Picture Card slot. And for easy photo editing and archiving on a computer, the camera comes with the Olympus Master software. Expect to see the FE-210 in UK stores from February 2007, with an estimated High Street price of around £100. For further information call 0800 0720070 or visit www.olympus.co.uk.

The Olympus FE-210 ? main features:
7.1 Megapixels
?One button, one function? design principle
3x optical zoom (equiv. to 38-114mm on a 35mm model), 1:3.1-5.9
6.4cm/2.5? LCD
15 scene modes (Indoor, Fireworks, Self Portrait)
Internal memory plus xD-Picture Card slot
Movie recording up to card capacity
Comes with 2 AA batteries
Supplied with Olympus Master Software
Multi-language menu with 25 languages

?One button, one function? design principle
All essential functions, such as shooting, playback and viewing on the LCD, as well as erasing, are easily activated via a single button making controlling the camera child?s play.

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