Shockproof, waterproof to a depth of 10m and able to withstand temperatures as low as -10 degrees, the new u00b5 [mju:] 770 SW is designed in accordance with Olympus' 'accepts no limits' philosophy.

In the µ [mju:] 770 SW, Olympus have produced a camera designed to withstand all that your life can throw at it. Shockproof, waterproof to a depth of 10m and able to withstand temperatures as low as -10 degrees, the new µ [mju:] 770 SW is designed in accordance with Olympus’ ‘accepts no limits’ philosophy – it’s even crushproof to a weight of 100kg. Explore the endless possibilities of tough photography with the chic µ [mju:] 770 SW, available in Dark Blue, Titanium Grey and Mocca Brown, from March 2007 at around £300. For further information call 0800 0720070 or visit

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Toughness and style: The Olympus µ [mju:] 770 SW

London, 25 January 2007: The 7.1 Megapixel µ [mju:] 770 SW gives users a sense of freedom never before seen in a camera of this class. Its eye-catching, metal body is waterproof to 10m, shockproof* against falls from up to 1.5m, and freezeproof to -10 degrees Celsius ? all without the need for an extra case. This head-turner is even crushproof and it will withstand loads of 100kg. Its extraordinary toughness lets it go much further than conventional cameras and is sure to be appreciated by every active photographer. Whether trekking over tough terrain on a mountain bike or diving deep below the sea?s surface, pictures can be taken with complete freedom and ease. Further flexibility is given by the 3x zoom lens (38-114mm on a 35mm camera, 1:3.5-5.0), which employs a special inner-folded light path design, so that no parts protrude and risk getting bumped or broken. With the tough Olympus µ [mju:] 770 SW, the photographer is free to focus on the shot and not worry about the camera.

Do more with less light
Because BrightCapture Technology increases light sensitivity for shooting and dramatically boosts contrasts on the 6.4cm HyperCrystal LCD, better photo results are achieved in low light situations. BrightCapture Technology is used in several scene modes (including Candle and Available Light) making it easier to frame and capture atmospheric shots with less need for the flash. And to protect against unwanted blur, high ISO levels (up to 1600) are available to allow the use of faster shutter speeds, while retaining the necessary image brightness. And a built-in one-touch light provides added support, making it possible to find subjects in dark situations ? such as when exploring a hidden reef under water.

So solid, yet so simple
The µ [mju:] 770 SW isn?t only designed to withstand the bumps and thumps of everyday life, beautifully simple handling makes picture-taking a breeze in practically any situation. With scene modes for 25 various shooting conditions ? including four underwater modes ? it?s no problem to find the perfect setting on land or beneath the waves. The intuitive user interface is refreshingly easy to use and available in 25 different languages. And with internal memory plus an xD-Picture Card slot, there?s always room to expand storage for additional pictures or video. To go even deeper, the optional underwater case PT-035 will be available ? allowing photographers to explore the fascinating world underwater up to 40m.

The Olympus µ [mju:] 770 SW goes anywhere you do. This elegant water, shock*, freeze and crush proof camera will hit the shelves in March 2007 at around £300.

The Olympus µ [mju:] 770 SW main features:
Waterproof to 10m
Shockproof (equivalent to falls from1.5m)
Crush proof against loads of up to 100kg
Freezeproof to -10°C
7.1 Megapixels
Metal body in three colours: Dark Blue, Titanium Grey, Mocca Brown
BrightCapture Technology for better low light photography ? even for underwater scene modes
6.4cm/2.5? HyperCrystal LCD with 230,000 pixels
3x optical zoom 38-114mm (equiv. on a 35mm camera) 1:3.5-5.0, with optical folded light path and water repellent lens coating
One-touch light
25 scene modes including 4 underwater modes
On-screen water pressure gauge
Movie function with sound
Internal memory plus xD-Picture Card slot
25 languages on board
Supplied with Olympus Master Software and LI-42B plus charger
Underwater case PT-035 (waterproof to 40m) will be available

BrightCapture Technology
A technology developed for better shooting results in low light situations. BrightCapture works in two ways: i) All available pixel information from the image sensor is used to provide a view on the LCD that?s up to four times brighter than conventional types, to make framing easy even in dark surroundings. ii) In certain shooting modes sensitivity is increased (resolution is sometimes reduced), which results in well-exposed images with accurate colour reproduction, high contrast and definition, even when not using the flash. Scene modes that benefit from BrightCapture Technology include Candle, Night Scene and Available Light.

HyperCrystal LCD
A semi-transmissive technology used in LCDs, which employs an additional layer at the bottom of the LCD to reflect light from external light sources. This enhances the brightness of the LCD, so even in direct sunlight images are displayed sharply and with three times the contrast of conventional displays. Also, it provides for viewing angles of up to 170° without glare or shadow, so images can be framed from a variety of angles and viewed by several people at once.

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