Canon Powershot G12 – Announcement from Canon

Canon unleashes the benchmark
PowerShot G12

United Kingdom,
Republic of Ireland, 14th September 2010
– Canon today announces the new
PowerShot G12 – the latest model in the multi award-winning PowerShot
G-series trusted by professional photographers the world over. The new model
offers photographers best-in-class flexibility and all-round powerful
performance, with professional levels of control and support for a wide range of

While retaining the
classic handling and control of its predecessor, the PowerShot G12 has been
designed to offer superior performance to suit the needs of professionals and
enthusiasts alike. Canon’s HS System, 720p HD movie recording and Hybrid IS are
new additions, delivering premium image quality in stills and movies, and a new
Front Dial provides improved handling and swift manual control. The PowerShot
G12 is also compatible with a new optional Lens Filter Adapter, which extends
with the lens when using the zoom to offer full coverage throughout the zoom

The HS System: Premium Canon
image quality, even in low light

PowerShot G12 is the first G-series model to feature Canon’s HS System – a
powerful combination of a high-sensitivity 10.0 Megapixel CCD sensor and
high-performance DIGIC 4 processor designed to provide outstanding image quality
in all lighting conditions, including low light.

The inclusion of the HS System allows shooting at higher ISOs with
excellent image quality – enabling users to capture exceptional images in all
conditions. This extended ISO range allows users to shoot darker scenes without
engaging the flash or using a tripod – capturing correctly-exposed images using
only the available light. In situations when use of the flash is necessary, a
higher ISO will enable users to extend its effective range and illuminate the
subject more effectively. Higher ISOs also enable users to utilise faster
shutter speeds – freezing motion to capture moving subjects with a reduced risk
of blur.

Allowing users precise control
over the ISO level, the dedicated ISO dial now allows adjustments in 1/3 stop
increments.  In addition to this, a new Auto ISO level adjustment feature allows
users to pre-configure the maximum ISO setting they wish to use during shooting
and specify how the camera selects the ISO to obtain the best balance between
image quality and shutter speed.

very dark situations, Low Light mode can be used to extend the ISO range up to
ISO 12800, with the ability for users to control ISO and white balance to
accurately capture the ambience of a dimly-lit environment. Users can also
capture fast-moving action with the ability to shoot at up to 4.2 shots per

Genuine Canon Lens with
Hybrid IS

The PowerShot G12 features a
premium 28mm wide-angle 5x optical zoom lens, allowing users to capture sweeping
landscapes and get closer to distant subjects during shooting. Benefiting from
Canon’s extensive heritage in lens design, the lens has been developed using the
same processes and quality standards employed to manufacture Canon’s range of EF
lenses, ensuring the capture of sharp, detailed shots while still having a
compact size so the lens can retract completely into the camera body when not in

Counteracting camera shake and
enabling photographers to capture shots in darker conditions, the PowerShot
G12’s optical Image Stabilizer allows shooting at shutter speeds approximately
4-stops slower than would be otherwise necessary to achieve a sharp shot. Also
included in the PowerShot G12 is Canon’s Hybrid IS technology to increase the
effectiveness of the optical Image Stabilizer when shooting macro subjects. The
PowerShot G12 can focus as close as 1cm to a subject, and the slightest lateral
movement of the photographer can negatively affect image quality, making it
difficult to capture blur-free shots without the assistance of a tripod. Hybrid
IS counteracts unintentional shift and angular movement – two kinds of camera
shake that become particularly pronounced as image magnification


Flexible shooting and playback
is provided by the PowerShot G12’s 7.0cm (2.8″) high-resolution Vari-Angle
PureColor II VA LCD screen. The rotating Vari-Angle design offers easy framing
from a range of angles, such as when shooting at ground level or overhead. To
accommodate a range of shooting styles, the PowerShot G12 also features an
optical viewfinder (OVF) with diopter adjustment, allowing users to match the
OVF to their vision. After image capture, photographers can also utilise the
newly integrated RGB histogram during playback, allowing them to instantly check
the exposure of a shot in detail.

Take complete control
As well as offering Full Manual control and a range of
semi-automatic modes, the addition of a new Front Dial provides swift and
convenient access to settings during shooting. Users can either prioritise the
Front Dial or the rear Multi-Control Dial as the main way of controlling the
camera, or use a combination of both. For example, the Front Dial can be set to
control aperture in AV mode while the Multi-Control Dial controls white balance
or shooting aspect ratio, or it can be used independently, with the rear
Multi-Control Dial disabled to prevent accidental changes to settings.

For advanced amateurs and professionals, the
PowerShot G12 also shoots uncompressed RAW images and includes Canon’s Digital
Photo Professional (DPP) software, providing the ability to edit images after
capture. Sharing the same post-editing environment as the EOS system, the
PowerShot G12 fits seamlessly into a photographer’s existing workflow.

Electronic level and Multi-Aspect

To aid the capture of level
horizons, the PowerShot G12 also features a new Electronic Level function. Using
information from the camera’s acceleration sensor, an on-screen indicator allows
users to check if the camera is level, working in either horizontal or vertical
orientations to ensure level shots of portrait or landscape scenes. Multi-Aspect
shooting in 3:2, 4:3, 1:1, 16:9 and 4:5 formats also allows photographers to
shoot according to their subject and the intended use of the image, enabling
them to choose which composition and result they want to capture as the image is
taken and removing the need to post-process.

Stunning images, stunning video – HD movies with stereo

For the first time in a G-series
model, the PowerShot G12 features 720p HD movie shooting (24fps) with stereo
sound. Miniature Effect is also available in movie mode, adding a different
dimension to video footage by shooting at a range of selectable slower frame
rates for dramatic, compelling time-lapse-style videos which appear of model
scale. An integrated HDMI port with CEC compatibility makes it simple for video
and stills to be viewed on a HDTV and controlled directly using a compatible
HDTV and remote control.

scenes as you see them

Exceeding the
limitations of conventional cameras the PowerShot G12 includes a new High
Dynamic Range shooting mode (please see footnote 1), allowing the capture
of high contrast scenes closer to how they appear to the user. While shooting on
a tripod, the PowerShot G12 takes three different exposures of the same scene
before analysing and combining shots in-camera to create a single image. The
resulting shot captures highlight and shadow detail closer to how the
photographer sees it.

As part of
i-Contrast processing, the PowerShot G12 allows control over the amount of
Dynamic Range correction which is applied in the camera to suppress highlight
blow out and shadow detail loss in the final result. To allow photographers to
brighten only shadowed areas of an image, Shadow Correction is included to
brighten darker areas and reveal hidden detail in shadow regions.

To track subjects that are in motion, or to
help achieve a creative composition, a new Tracking AF mode has been added to
the PowerShot G12. This new mode gives photographers the ability to select
objects from the centre of the frame and track them if they move, or if the
frame is recomposed.

shooting abilities

The PowerShot G12
offers comprehensive support for a wide range of accessories, expanding both the
creative possibilities and providing enhanced results in certain shooting
situations. A new lens filter adapter FA-DC58B attaches directly to the lens
barrel ring, providing the ability to attach 58mm diameter Canon filters – such
as a Circular Polarizer, Neutral Density, Protect and UV. The FA-DC58B is
designed to move along with the lens while zooming, preventing vignetting at the
wide-angle end of the zoom and providing filter coverage throughout the full
optical zoom range of the lens.

The hot
shoe provides compatibility with Canon’s range of EX Speedlites (please see
footnote 2)
, enabling photographers to both increase the available flash
power or use an external flash via a remote shoe cord (OC-E3) for creative
off-camera lighting, or to experiment with different lighting techniques. An
optional Waterproof Case provides protection at depths of up to 40 meters,
allowing users to record deep-water experiences in stunning detail.

While the PowerShot G12 offers the freedom and
flexibility of manual control, users can also achieve exceptional image quality
using Smart Auto mode. Intelligently detecting the scene and selecting the
optimum settings from 28 variables, Smart Auto uses Scene Detection Technology
to provide the best results in all conditions – allowing both serious
photographers and beginners to capture excellent images instantly.

Eye-Fi connected functions

Easy, wireless content transfers are supported by
Eye-Fi connected functions, allowing remote uploads to image sharing websites
such as CANON iMAGE GATEWAY. The camera features a dedicated Eye-Fi section
within the User Interface, and disables the auto power-down function when the
Eye-Fi card transmits data – allowing the easy transfer of content without
interruption (please see footnote 3).

Designed for photographers
who demand exceptional quality in every area, the PowerShot G12 represents a
unique blend of premium image quality, flexibility and excellent handling. A
great complement to a larger SLR model or a powerful camera in its own right,
it’s the perfect compact for professionals and advanced amateurs – delivering
outstanding quality from a body small enough to take on every assignment.

Share stories with CANON iMAGE

Owners of the PowerShot G12 can
join the CANON iMAGE GATEWAY, an online facility for sharing photos and video.
Photographers can take advantage of up to 2GB of personal storage capacity,
creating enough room for hundreds of high-quality images. Mobile browsing is
also supported, making it easy for friends and family to view photos on the

Canon PowerShot G12 – key

•  HS System

•  High-sensitivity 10 MP CCD

•  28mm wide, 5x zoom lens, Hybrid IS

•  7.0 cm (2.8″) Vari-Angle LCD, Electronic
Level, OVF
•  Front Dial, Full Manual
•  HD movies, HDMI

  • High Dynamic Range mode
  • Smart Auto

 Multi-Aspect Shooting

 Extensive accessory system

and Availability

The PowerShot G12 is
available from early October 2010, priced at £539.00 /€649.00 RRP inc.

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