Panasonic's latest CSC is selfie-focused, but how does it measure up more generally with regards to image quality? See for yourself in our Panasonic Lumix GF7 review sample image gallery

Our full Panasonic Lumix GF7 review is now live, so you can check out the verdict for yourself here.

Panasonic’s GF range of compact system cameras (CSCs) is one of the longest-standing on the market. The range originally debuted targeted at the enthusiast photographer with the GF1 back in 2009, although the system evolved towards the more entry-level end of the market throughout the years (with the notable exception of the Lumix GF6).

The GF7 continues this trend, being described in the official Panasonic promotional material as ‘the one for selfies’. This distinction is perhaps most clearly heralded by the presence of an eye-catching LCD which is horizontally hinged and can thus be turned to face the subject in front of the camera’s lens.

That being said, the GF7 still boasts a host of functionality which could still mark it out as a camera which is attractive to the enthusiast photographer. This includes a 16MP sensor utilised elsewhere in Panasonic’s CSC range in the enthusiast GX7 – a chip which offers and ISO range of 200-25,600 as well as a 5.8fps continuous shooting speed thanks to a powerful processor.

The GF7 should therefore be capable of some impressive images, ranging from simple selfies to detailed landscapes.