We've been testing out the Olympus E-PL7 over the past few weeks, so why not check out a few of the images we've captured with the latest camera

Olympus has a long tradition of producing some of the very best compact system cameras on the market, both in its OM-D and PEN ranges.

The PEN moniker covers a range of different strands, one of those being the pocketable and much smaller range entitled the ‘Lite’, or ‘E-PL’ series.

The E-PL7 is the sixth model in this particular series and it carries all of the hallmarks of the PEN Lite range.

It’s easily pocketable with the a suitably compact and slimline lens attached and is stylishly designed, with a solid metal body finished with a leather effect panel.

That’s not to say that the E-PL7 is all looks however, as it borrows some of the serious imaging functionality found in the more advanced OM-D series.

This included the 16MP sensor as seen in the OM-D E-M5. The E-PL7 also sports Olympus’s TruePic VII process, complete with Fine Detail II lens correction technology, which should ensure better image quality than seen previously in the series.

All of this should add up for a fairly impressive camera, and they’re claims that we wanted to put to the test when we tested out the E-PL7 over the past few weeks.

Check out this gallery to see if the claims are correct, and to read our full verdict head on over to our Olympus E-PL7 review.