Nikon D7200 Review Sample Image Gallery - The D7200 follows on from the D7100 and adds some attractive new functionality, but how do the images compare to its predecessor?

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Nikon has a long and proud DSLR tradition, having produced some of the most acclaimed models to ever reach the market.

While the headline ‘FX’ full-frame models cater for professional photographers and advanced enthusiasts alike, it’s the DX-format models that received wider acclaim from both the entry-level and intermediate photographer.

It’s the latter category in which Nikon’s D7XXX range resides, featuring a wide range of technology to suit those wanting and professional level of performance at a price point that they can afford.

The Nikon D7100 received wide acclaim on launch and full review back in the early part of 2013, thanks to an excellent LCD screen, a wide range of customisable features and a truly impressive level of image quality.

The new Nikon D7200, therefore, has some big boots to fill. It’s also now facing stiff competition from a growing range of compact system cameras featuring similarly-sized sensors in much smaller and, arguably, more attractive bodies.

This competition is perhaps what’s urged Nikon to equip the D7200 with an even more advanced feature-set than its predecessor. In comes Wi-fi and NFC connectivity, improved AF performance, better battery life, 60p video and, perhaps most interestingly, the claim of improved performance in low-light conditions.

So how does the new model fare? You can check out the results here in our Nikon D7200 review sample image gallery.