The EOS 5DS R is the highest resolution full frame camera yet made, but how does that translate to real world results? Find out in our Canon EOS 5DS R sample image gallery

There are often limitations placed upon the resolution of a camera’s sensor due to its physical size. There are only so many pixels you can fit on to a smaller sensor before image quality begins to suffer and any resolution gains are generally offset by issues that arise involving high ISO noise.

The threshold for such issues is much higher in when a camera features a sensor that is physically larger in size, ie. a full-frame sensor.  As a result, you often see cameras with full frame sensors sporting much higher resolutions than their peers while still managing to output a high level of image quality.

The Canon EOS 5DS R is one such camera. Sporting a full-frame sensor, the Canon EOS 5DS R boasts a resolution of some 50MP and as such is the highest resolution full-frame camera to date. As a result, you can expect the 5DS R to be capable of capturing an extraordinary amount of fine detail, with the captured images capable of being reproduced at huge, professional print levels.

As you might expect, certain concessions have been made for such a high resolution to be in place. Most notably, the 5DS R features a slightly limited ISO range, while perhaps unsurprisingly the high resolution results in some huge files to match.

We’ve been out testing the camera over the past week, and you can closer inspect some of the results here.

We’ve had to crop the images so they can fit in our gallery, but you can see the full images over on our Flickr page.