Software: Photoshop Elements
Skills: Start managing your photo collection with Elements’s Albums and Keyword Tags
Time: 10 mins

If you are like me, the act of trying to find the best images to work on in my ever-growing picture library becomes more and more difficult. What’s the answer to locating those hero shots quickly?

Photoshop Elements has two key features designed to bring order to your photos – Keyword Tags and Albums. Keyword Tags are simple, often single-word descriptors, that can be added to your photos and used to help organise your images. The Keyword Tags panel stores the tags, and provides an easy drag and drop approach to adding tags to selected photos. The panel is grouped together with the Albums and Properties panels in the new Task pane and was previously called the Organize Bin.

Photoshop Elements also uses Albums (previously called Collections) as a way to organise your photos. Albums allows you to allocate the same image to several different groups. Unlike in the old days with simple folders-based systems, this doesn’t mean the file is duplicated and stored multiple times in different folders; instead, the picture is only stored or saved once and a series of Album associations indicates its membership in different groups.


Elements’ Smart Albums
A new Elements 6 feature, images are included in a Smart Album based on search criteria established at the time the album is created. When the Smart Album entry is selected, Elements adds any new photos that meet the search criteria to the group.



How to Organise Files With Elements: Page 2

Using Keywords

Never be at a Loss Again When Seeking Images

1 To create a new keyword tag, select the New Keyword Tag option from the ‘+’ button menu at the top of the Tags panel. In the Create Keyword Tag dialogue select a category for the new tag, add in a name and include any explanatory notes. Click OK to close the dialogue and add the new keyword tag to the tag list.

2 Now to add the tags. To add a tag to a single image, click and drag the tag from the Keyword Tags panel to the thumbnail image in the Organizer workspace. To add a single tag to multiple thumbnails, multi-select the thumbnails in the images and then drag the tag from the Keyword Tags panel onto one of the selected thumbnails.

3 To find tagged photos, click the Keyword Tag entry in the Keyword Tags panel. To return the browser back to the original catalogue of thumbnails, click on the Show All button (previously Back to All Photos) at the top of the thumbnail group.


How to Organise Files With Elements: Page 3

Using Albums

Get Organised by Using Albums – It Will Pay Dividends

1 To start using Albums, make a new album by clicking on the ‘+’ button in the Albums panel and selecting the New Album menu item. In the Create Album dialogue choose the group that the new album will belong to, add the name and include any explanation details for the group. Click O.

2 To add images to your newly created album select the photos to be included in the album in the Organizer and drag them to the Album heading in the Albums panel. Single photos or even groups of pictures can be added to more than one album at a time by multi-selecting the album names first before dragging the images to the pane.

3 To view all the pictures in an album, simply  click on the Album heading in the Albums panel. Notice that each thumbnail in the album display contains a number in the top left corner. This allows the images to be sequenced (click and drag to a new position) before being used in creating Elements’s photo projects such as Slideshows.


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