It’s fair to say that here at WDC we get excited by new technologies. Barely a day passes in the office without an email getting sent round showcasing some new weird and wonderful gadget, even if it’s still in the nuts and bolts form of the production phase.

Sony is very good at providing us with such fodder, and its repeated the trick this morning with development details of a new “Rollable” 4.1in OLED OTFT colour screen. Sony used a host of new processes and materials to produce the screen, though the  press release uses jargon beyond even our geekish comprehension.

It’s interesting to consider the implications of the technology however. Imagine, for example, having an extendable screen on the rear of you Sony Alpha DSLR, or an OLED photoframe which you could roll up and place in your photobag on your travels? Have a look at the video on the Sony webpage and let us know if you can think of any possible implementations of the technology in our comments section.

  • Jhonny

    I bought this to recalpe the kit lens (18-55) for my 450d, I also got to put my 28-75mm on the shelf. The focal range of this lens was the big attraction for me. I am happy with the look and feel of this lens, nice and tight, no creeping with camera down. Manual focus overide, will focus fairly colse too. Focus is fast and quiet, the IS function is quiet and works great, Canon gets better at this with every new lens. background blur is very nice as Canon states a round apature opening to aid in this. It is very sharp at the point of focus, even wide open. Upon reading professional reviews I was almost dissuaded by the vignetting and chromatic abberation issues. They both only come into play at very wide angles and you can help the CA by stopping down. Every lens has its flaws, but if it was perfect what would you buy from them next year?! Overall I really like this lens and I am glad I purchased it.

  • Alan Wood

    If this can be made A5 in size, it can be wrapped scroll-like around a couple of tubes containing GPS, batteries and the necessary gubbins and we could have a fantastic large screen device for showing detailed OS maps.

  • Salord

    I can imagine this technology going straight to video, not stills photography. Imagine video- recordable greetings cards (Harry Potter was there first), video advertising wrapped around lamp- posts, and of course, we’ll all be able to sell space on the back of our jackets for blue-tooth activated Google video advertising!

  • malc

    Could be combined with a portable x-ray or magnetic scan system for on the spot medical diagnosis

  • James

    It’s clear that this technology will soon be used to produce an LCD ‘scroll’ for large screen products such as portable TV or large screen cell phones – very exciting times.