Hillcrest loop Pointer

Hillcrest Labs Loop Pointer
Sitting at your PC can be an anti-social affair. Often you’re stuck upstairs in the spare room while everyone else is downstairs in the living room. Even if you have a laptop it’s not easy for everyone to gather round and share the experience in comfort. Although you can buy cable to connect PCs to most modern TVs you still have to stand or sit next to it to operate it. I like Hillcrest Labs’ solution. Its Loop Pointer is a ‘freespace’ mouse that controls an on-screen cursor for your PC or Mac. It works a bit like a Nintendo Wii remote in that it uses motion sensors that respond tHillcrest loop Pointero your arm and wrist movements.
All you need to do is plug the USB 20 Transceiver into your PC and your PC into the TV and retire to the comfort of your sofa. The Loop’s wheel-like shape is very ergonomic and with just four buttons and a scroll wheel it isn’t complicated to use. Now you can browse Flickr, edit your last shoot, run a slideshow or even browse this very website from your favourite chair, perhaps with the whole family gathered round too. And its only US$99 from their website at www.hillcrestlabs.com/loop.


 GoPro HD Hero

GoPro HD Hero Naked
I don’t plan on jumping out of a plane with a parachute anytime soon but if I did I’d want one of these stuck to my helmet. I hadn’t come across GoPro before. Their tiny digital stills/video cameras are designed for action men and women who want to record their adrenaline-fueled activities, with kit options designed to fit them onto helmets, surfboards or cars.

Their new model, the HD Hero Naked is a ‘wearable’ full 1080p HD video camera that comes with a protective housing that’s waterproof down to 60m, and a mount, plus charger and cables. It can also shoot 5MP stills and features an intervalometer which can be set to take pictures at intervals from 2 to 60 secs. You can buy it for ¢259 from the GoPro website at www.gopro.com



Clickfree Automated Back-Up
Clickfree is a company that produces automated back-up software on a variety of platforms. They do their own back-up hard drives, of course, but also sell SD cards of up to 32GB with the software on it, and even a small transformer cable that goes between your PC and existing hard drive to turn that into a Clickfree back-up device. Whichever you choose, the software is completely automated so that it backs up everything on your PC, or Mac, without you having to do anything.

New at CES are two network products – the Transformer NE and C2N portable hard drive – designed to back up multiple PCs. All you have to do is plug the device into each of your networked PCs once, then leave permanently in one of them. The devices will then find the other PCs automatically and back them up.  More info at www.clickfree.com

 Kodak Pulse

Kodak Pulse Digital Photo Frame
Digital Photo Frames are very popular at the moment and I’m a big fan. They’re great for people like me who can never decide which of our many fabulous photos to frame – you can just show them all, on a continuous loop. I’ve got one on a loop at home loaded with pictures of my kids going back ten years.

Kodak has just brought some interesting innovation to the sector with its new Pulse frame. The Pulse is a touch screen frame with wi-fi connectivity and a personal email address so that users and their friends can email photos to the frame from their PCs, mobile phones and websites like Facebook, Flickr and the Kodak Gallery. The frame can also be connected up with your online photo albums at Facebook et al, so that when new photos are added they automatically update on your frame. The seven inch Pulse will retail for £109.99, from April. More details at www.kodak.com



Powermat phone chargers
Now I’m not saying that plugging your camera phone into its charger is taxing or challenging in any way, but for whatever reason, people (and I include myself here) find themselves with a dead phone surprisingly often. Well charging doesn’t get much easier than the Powermat because all you have to do is sit your phone on top of the mat and it charges it for you, wirelessly. What’s Powerrmatmore, the same mat can charge multiple phones of different brands, whatever the type of charger port it has. You can get mats that charge one device at a time, or two, or three. Of course you do have to fit your phone with either a special Powermat case or battery so that it can communicate with the mat, but they have one for most popular phones and, once fitted, it’s goodbye to the hassle of trying to find which of the multiple chargers on your desk is the one for your camera phone. More info at www.powermat.com


 Lexar ECHO_ZE

Lexar Echo ZE portable USB drive
I’m all for miniaturization but there becomes a point where it gets ridiculous. Lexar has clearly taken a ‘because we can’ approach in the design of their Echo ZE portable USB drive. It can hold up to 32GB of data, and perform automatic back-ups, yet it’s so small that it’s barely bigger than the bit that goes into your PC.

Okay, I admit I can see the benefit. I often use my laptop on the train and whenever I insert a USB stick I worry that some oaf if going to amble into it and snap it off, possibly damaging Lexar ECHO_SEmy laptop. Since the Echo ZE protrudes less than a centimetre when its plugged in, you can leave it in all the time. The problem starts when you take it out and put it down somewhere, then need a magnifying glass or a metal detector to find it again!
If you find the Echo ZE just too small for your spade-like hands, there is also a slightly larger SE version with capacities up to 64GB. More info at www.lexar.com/echo 




Press release: Lexar Media Introduces Portable Backup Solutions for Netbooks and Notebooks with Echo SE and ZE Drives

Echo SE Key Messages:

• High-performance, ultra-portable, flash-based backup solution designed for netbook and notebook users
• Continuously and securely backs up files on the go
• Built-in software automatically backs up files in use, with the option to encrypt data
• Users can store more with capacities up to 64GB

Echo ZE Key Messages:
• Always-ready, plug-and-stay backup solution designed for netbook and notebook users
• Sized at just 20.1 by 15.1 millimeters, it is one of the smallest USB drives in the world
• Continuously and securely backs up essential files on the go
• Built-in software automatically backs up files in use, with the option to encrypt data
• Convenient, reliable flash-based design

Fremont, CA, January 6, 2010 – Lexar Media, a leading global provider of memory products for digital media, announced today the launch of its flash-based, backup drives, Lexar® Echo SE and Lexar Echo ZE. Designed to protect valuable data on netbook and notebook computers, Echo SE and ZE backup drives provide users with portable, easy-to-use file backup solutions for their mobile lifestyles. For additional information about the Lexar Echo SE and ZE backup drives, visit www.lexar.com/echo.

High-performance Echo SE is an ultra-portable drive that easily plugs into a computer’s USB port to perform automatic backup and transfer of files, at read speeds up to 28MB/s and write speeds up to 10MB/s. Echo ZE, with its low-profile 20.1 by 15.1 millimeter size and plug-and-stay design, is an always-ready drive providing a convenient means to automatically back up essential files – anytime, anywhere. Both drives are interoperable between Windows® XP, Windows VistaTM, and Windows 7, as well as Mac OS® X operating systems, allowing data to be seamlessly accessible whether using a PC or Mac computers.

“More than one out of three participants in the recent Parks Associates survey, ‘Mobile Convergence,’ expressed interest in a flash-based drive with automatic backup software for their netbook or notebook, and Echo SE and ZE answer that demand,” explained Aaron Lee, senior product marketing manager, Lexar Media. “Unlike traditional backup solutions which require external hard drives and cables, the Echo line is designed for users on the go. Whether it’s backing up college papers in a lecture hall or sales presentations on the road, the Echo SE and ZE drives provide secure, high-capacity options to meet the needs of today’s netbook and notebook user.”

The drives include versatile, built-in Echo backup software developed by Dmailer for Lexar. Key features include targeted file backup, which stores only specified files and reduces wasted disk space, and file versioning, which backs up a history of files and allows the retrieval of previous versions. Additionally, the software offers optional AES 128-bit encryption, enabling protection in the event of drive loss.

The Echo SE backup drive is available in capacities of 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB, and the Echo ZE backup drive, one of the smallest USB drives in the world, is available in capacities of 8GB, 16GB, and 32GB. The Lexar Echo SE and ZE backup drives will begin shipping to leading resellers in the United States in February, and are available for pre-order on Amazon.com. The products will also be available in select European markets in 2010.

For additional product warranty information, visit www.lexar.com/support.

Press Release: Powermat Leads Wireless Charging with Next Generation Line

Consumer Electronics Show, Las Vegas, NV (January 6, 2010) – Building upon the massive success of its initial product launch, Powermat – the worldwide leader in wireless charging – will unveil a wide range of new and innovative charging solutions at CES 2010, further establishing its dominance in the category.


Although a late entry into the wireless charging category, Powermat quickly surpassed all existing competitors by not only being first to gain national distribution with leading retailers in the U.S. market, but more importantly by experiencing considerable success and sell-through at store level. Since its launch in mid-October of 2009, Powermat has sold in excess of 750,000 Powermat products, with most stores experiencing severe out-of-stock shortages late in the season.

The company’s newest line of wireless chargers and products expands upon its success by offering consumers additional options in both the number of devices they can wirelessly charge as well as the number of ways they can charge them.

“It’s all about freedom and convenience,” said Ron Ferber, President of Powermat. “While our initial line delivered on our promise to eliminate the hassle of plugging and unplugging – allowing consumers to plug in their Powermat and simply Drop and Charge – the assortment was limited to a handful of popular devices and charging environments. For 2010 we’ve taken our product line to a whole new level through the successful miniaturization of our technology to the ASIC level.

With this and other incredible advances we’ve increased the selection of devices that we’re able to wirelessly charge to include virtually every brand of handset or handheld device. At the same time we’re offering a full range of new mats that allow consumers to charge in every possible environment, no matter where they may be.

Our next generation of products takes Powermat to a level that no other competitor can even begin to approach. In fact our technology is so mature that we are already working with many top tier OEM brands that will be launching Powermat-enabled models in 2010.”


Powermat Receivers

The Powermat PowerpakTM receiver provides seamless integration into virtually any phone, by allowing consumers to upgrade to wireless charging with no change to their existing phone ergonomics and design. More than 10 models from HTC, Blackberry, Nokia, LG, Samsung, Motorola and Sony Ericsson will debut at CES, but the technology can be applied to virtually any phone – ensuring access to the freedom and convenience of Powermat wireless charging to consumers worldwide.

Powermat also expands its support of the iPhone 3G/3GS by introducing 2 new models; a silicone case receiver, one of the most often requested models by consumers, and an extended battery case receiver which combines the dual benefits of extended battery life and wireless charging.

Powermat Home & Office Mats

Powermat will be launching a sleek new line of single, double and triple position mats for home and office use – Powermat 1X, Powermat 2X & Powermat 3X. These new models offer a wider range of price points to a broader range of consumers; whether you’re a consumer who’s “dialed down” your handheld devices to one Smartphone, a consumer who needs to charge multiple family devices or the consumer who needs a secondary charging station. Powermat will also offer Prepack Bundles, whereby a charging mat is bundled together with a receiver; such as the Powermat 1X single position mat with iPhone Receiver Case, or Powermat 2X double position mat with Powercube.

Powermat Portable Mats

Powermat eliminates the frustration of running out of power while on the go. Embedded into both the single and double position portable mats – Powermat Portable 1X and Powermat Portable 2X – is a high capacity lithium ion battery, which allows users to charge their devices without the need to plug their mats into an outlet. Both portable mats also fold into a sleek carrying case for easy portability and each comes complete with a set of International plugs.

Powermat Netbook Mat

According to Gartner, netbooks are driving the growth of laptop sales, with an expected 41.4% growth margin to 41 million in 2010 (Gartner, November 24, 2009). Powermat is introducing the Powermat 3X Netbook, a complete charging solution that simultaneously charges both a netbook and 2 additional low power devices such as phones, music players, Bluetooth headset, eBooks and more. Netbooks are also beloved for their portability and the Powermat Netbook mat folds into a carrying case to maintain that convenience.

Powermat Car Charger

Powermat extends its reach to motorists by introducing the Powermat Car Charger, which eliminates the constant plugging and unplugging every time you get a call. The Powermat Car Charger wirelessly charges hundreds of devices while travelling on the road with a simple Drop & ChargeTM.

About Powermat

Powermat is a complete solution for simultaneously delivering real time, wireless charging to multiple electronics including mobile phones, music players, handheld games, electronic readers, GPS devices, BY headsets, netbooks and laptops. Powermat technology has been miniaturized to a level where it can be embedded into virtually any device, as well as walls and table top surfaces. Powermat technology is fast, efficient, and safe and revolutionizes the way consumers charge and power. For more information, please go to www.powermat.com.

Powermat Sales & Marketing offices are based in Commerce Township, Michigan, with Research & Development facilities in Neve Ilan, Israel. Powermat is operated by Ron Ferber and Ran Poliakine.


Press Release: KODAK PULSE Digital Frame Keeps Pictures Fresh, and Family and Friends Closer

Rochester, NY, January 7, 2010 – Eastman Kodak Company today announced its new KODAK PULSE Digital Frame. This touchscreen-enabled frame is equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity and a personal e-mail address so consumers can easily send pictures wirelessly to the frame from a computer, from Facebook and KODAK Gallery sites, or from any device that has email capability. The KODAK PULSE Frame redefines the element of surprise, giving consumers a constant stream of new pictures to enjoy, celebrate and relive.


“Kodak believes sharing pictures should be simple, not a chore,” said John Blake, General Manager, Digital Capture and Devices and Vice President, Kodak. “Picture this: you live on the east coast. Your parents live on the west coast. You just had a baby, so you give your parents a PULSE Frame to ensure that they can share in every moment of your child’s life. You can send pictures by email from your smartphone or even through Facebook or KODAK Gallery. With the PULSE Frame, you always have something to look forward to as the frame refreshes with new pictures.”

With an e-mail-enabled device, including home computers and mobile phones, people can send their newest pictures directly to the PULSE Frame. Kodak further enhances the sharing experience by connecting the frame to photo albums on Facebook and KODAK Gallery sites. The frame automatically refreshes when consumers, or their family and friends, add new pictures to their albums.

“Now, picture this: Remember your high school prom picture? The one with the big hair? Well, your best friend just uploaded it to her Facebook photo album and now it’s on your own PULSE Frame!,” added Blake.

KODAK PULSE Digital Frame Features:
• Receive pictures via e-mail from computers and mobile phones
• Add pictures from your home computer, Facebook, and KODAK Gallery sites with built-in Wi-Fi capability
• Easy set-up with no software to install
• Intuitive touchscreen interface for easy interaction with photos
• Store up to 4,000 pictures** with 512 MB of internal memory
• Display pictures in brilliant color and crisp detail on the 7-inch high-quality display (800 x 600 pixels) featuring KODAK Color Science and LED backlighting
• ENERGY STAR® qualified power adapter, mercury-free panel and programmable on-off settings to control power consumption

The KODAK PULSE Digital Frame will be available in the UK for £109.99 beginning in April 2010.

Press release: Clickfree extends its lead in the consumer backup category with the launch of three new innovative solutions at CES

Las Vegas -January 6, 2010 – Today, Clickfree, the inventors of effortless computer backup, launched Network and Ultra Portable Backup solutions at the 2010 International Consumer Electronics Show. Clickfree’s award-winning solutions have set the standard for simple backup, making powerful features accessible to the mass market who just don’t have the time or technical savvy to perform backup.

With Clickfree’s new BackupLink technology featured in the new C2N backup drive series – backing up multiple computers across your home or office network is now completely automatic. Connect the C2N by USB, only one time, to each computer on the network, leave it connected to one of the computers and C2N will automatically backup all of the computers. Clickfree delivers another industry first by completely automating the set-up of a backup device for multiple computers in the home or office – it’s truly click free. No IT or computer knowledge is required, the C2N follows the same degree of simplicity found in all Clickfree products – no set-up, configuration or reading is required to perform backup.

“Our C2N brings a new level of simplicity to network backup for the home or office. To take away any set-up or configuration requirements to perform multiple computer backup on a network is truly a breakthrough, said Bryan McLeod, CEO Clickfree Automatic Backup. “Imagine your mother, sister or brother now able to set-up a home network backup by simply plugging in our device once into each of the computers. We believe this takes convenience to a whole new level.”

Also unveiled was the Transformer Network Edition Adapter with BackupLink technology. Owners of any external USB hard drive coupled with the Transformer NE can have the same backup experience, features and automatic network set-up function that are in the C2N.

The C2N and Transformer Network Edition will be available in February at www.clickfree.com and other major retailers. Available in 250GB ($159.99), 320GB ($179.99), 500GB ($199.99), 640GB ($219.99) The Transformer Network Edition will retail for $99.99

In Addition Clickfree Introduces Ultra-Portable Backup Solutions for the Business Professional.

Clickfree introduced the new Traveler Micro-SD for Blackberry, which turns your Smartphone into an easy way to backup important files from your computer. Simply insert the Clickfree Traveler Micro-SD Card into the Blackberry Micro-SD slot, connect the phone to your computer and backup begins with one touch of a button. You also get an extra layer of security with the Traveler for Blackberry as it comes with encryption technology.

Also being unveiled is the Traveler SD which puts Clickfree`s backup technology inside a tiny SD card. It is made to work with the SD card slot found in most computers.
Like all Clickfree products, backup is truly effortless. Once inserted into a computer, Clickfree technology does all the hard work for you. It searches, organizes, and backs up your precious data and stores it onto the Traveler SD Card. You only need to insert the card once and backup will launch automatically. It is also pre-set and programmable to backup on schedule.

The Clickfree Traveler for Blackberry will be available in February in 16GB ($89.99) and 32 GB ($149.99). The Traveler SD will also be available in February in 16GB ($89.99) and 32GB ($149.99).

Since its launch in 2008, Clickfree has simplified the lives of millions of consumers with its award-winning backup solutions, now available in 25 countries with a network of 42 distributors and hundreds of resellers.
“Our focus is clear; provide the best possible backup experience for consumers across all media types. This is the primary reason for our explosive growth.” said McLeod
Clickfree’s innovative new products are on exhibit during CES at the Las Vegas Convention Center, South Hall booth # 31553.

Additional information available on www.clickfree.com

About Clickfree:
Storage Appliance Corporation, operating under the ClickfreeTM brand, makes technology easy for consumers. As the inventors of effortless consumer backup, the ClickfreeTM software makes backing up a PC or Mac as easy as plugging it in to the USB port – no software to install or configure. Clickfree is dedicated to offering consumers the Ultimate Backup Experience. Recognized as the market leader in consumer backup, Clickfree has received numerous awards from CNETTM, PCMagTMTM magazine. Clickfree’s software is not just easier – it’s smarter. With 23 patents pending, this exclusive technology is only available to ClickfreeTM customers. Visit www.Clickfree.com for additional information. and Laptop


Press release: GoPro Announces HD HERO Naked – Professional Quality HD Sports Camera at Disruptive $259 MSRP

Half Moon Bay, Calif. – GoPro, the world’s leading manufacturer of wearable sports cameras, is raising the bar for consumer HD image capture with the release of its HD HERO Naked, a wearable 1080p HD camera capable of professional full HD video capture yet available to consumers at a market-disrupting $259 MSRP.

GoPro produces the worlds best selling line of wearable sports cameras, aptly named HERO cameras for their ability to make their user look like a hero during their favorite sport or activity.
“GoPro builds what we call the ‘invisible camera’,” says founder and CEO Nicholas Woodman. “Invisible because our cameras are so convenient, small and light…you forget that you’re wearing it or using it. It’s this ease of use during any sport or activity that makes it simple for consumers to document their lives most exciting moments…moments that make them look and feel like a hero they’re used to only seeing on TV. But in this case…they are the star on the screen.”

GoPro’s HERO cameras are so convenient to wear and mount on gear that consumers are using GoPro cameras in every way imaginable. Whether attaching the camera to their surfboards, wearing it on their helmets while skiing or biking, or suction cup mounting the camera to their car for a spirited drive, consumers are using GoPro cameras in more ways than any other camera on the planet. GoPro began sales in 2004 and has grown over 2100% since 2006 and 200% in an otherwise challenging 2009. GoPro is successfully pioneering a new category of cameras it dubs “activity image capture devices.”

The HD HERO Naked is the newest addition to the company’s line of wearable cameras, which already include vertical market specific HD Motorsports HERO (motorsports), HD Helmet HERO (outdoor sports), and HD Surf HERO (surf) models. These units come bundled with a variety of mounts ranging from suction cups to vented helmet straps, head straps and adhesive mounts for attaching the camera to cars, motorcycles, bikes and surfboards.

GoPro sells its products at gopro.com and through a distribution network of several thousand-specialty retailers in North America and internationally in over 30 countries.
The HD HERO Naked differs from the aforementioned HERO cameras in that the HD HERO Naked
comes with one mount for attaching the camera to a helmet or other curved surfaces, the camera, and the housing which protects the camera from bumps and keeps it waterproof to 180’/60m. Included are a removable rechargeable lithium-ion battery and cables for attaching the camera to an HDTV or computer, but aside from this the camera comes “naked,” sans the mounts included in the other models.

“We made the HD HERO Naked for our customers that want to buy a second HERO camera to use with the mounts they already have,” says Woodman. “Many of our customers buy multiple GoPro cameras to document their activities from a variety of angles, simultaneously, just like in a professional film shoot. We wanted to make their additional camera purchase more convenient and available at a reduced cost since they typically already have the mounting accessories from their previous GoPro purchase.”

Not just for consumers, GoPro’s wearable cameras have proven a useful tool for leading brands to capture marketing footage of their own. Red Bull, for example, regularly mounts GoPro cameras on their athletes to document sports events ranging from world record motorcycle jumps to a Red Bull Racing Team NASCAR pit stop in Times Square. Other brand giants like BFGoodrich, Specialized, Discount Tire Company, and many film and TV production companies have successfully implemented GoPro’s HERO cameras for their action sports filming. “We are very impressed with the new GoPro HD HERO camera. The picture and sound quality is amazing, and it is very easy to use. GoPro has changed the game for POV cameras,” commented Marcus Bolland, Product Marketing & Development, Discount Tire Co.

The caliber and versatility of GoPro’s products allow consumers to capture and create videos with quality normally only found in professional productions. One example is USC Ski & Snowboard Team member Abe Kislevitz. He caught GoPro’s attention with stunning ski videos he and his teammates created in early 2009 using GoPro’s standard definition cameras.
“We mounted GoPro cameras on our helmets, skis, and ski poles while shredding the mountain; the
footage was incredible…it made capturing our tricks on video so easy. We pretty much just hit record at the start of a run and skied…that’s the best part. We are able to focus on having fun skiing while the camera does all the work, recording the most insane angles and shots – things we had never seen before in any action sports video.”

GoPro was so impressed with Abe’s filming they asked him to shoot a movie with a pre-production HD HERO Naked to showcase what an average consumer can create with the camera. Abe’s “GoPro Ski Movie,” filmed in a few short hours this past summer, can be seen on GoPro’s website at http://

The HD HERO Naked captures professional quality 1080p / 960p / 720p true HD video at 30 and 60
frames per second. The camera features the industry’s widest 170° angle lens and also shoots a lesser 127° wide angle in the 1080p resolution. Equally impressive is the camera’s sound recording quality, specifically designed to eliminate wind noise from action sports filming and auto adjust to varying ambient noise levels.

“We spent more money developing the sounds system on this camera than many companies spend on their entire camera design,” says Woodman. “Compelling HD video is only as good as its sound. GoPro believes sound quality is just as important as image quality.”
The HD HERO Naked and related cameras also shoot 5MP photos and feature an optional auto-photo
mode that captures photos every 2, 5, 10, 30, or 60 for the duration of a consumer’s sport or activity.

Proving to be a market disruptor, GoPro’s HD HERO Naked and related HD Motorsports HERO, HD
Helmet HERO, and HD Surf HERO cameras have generated a stir in the professional film and TV
production industries. Professionals note that GoPro’s HD HERO cameras out-perform rival cameras from the likes of SONY, for example, costing ten times as much.
“It’s exciting that for $259 consumers can buy the same HD camera that professional athletes, leading brands, and film and TV production companies are using for their own action sports filming and marketing…the HD HERO line of cameras from GoPro. GoPro sells more wearable sports cameras than any other camera maker in the world and were excited to launch this, our best camera, yet.” says Woodman.

About GoPro:
GoPro is the world’s leading manufacturer of wearable activity image capture devices. Its markets include outdoor sports, motorsports, travel, and professional film and TV production. Since 2004, GoPro has been designing cameras and accessories that make it easy for people to record their lives most exciting moments. GoPro’s products include the patented HERO line of shockproof/waterproof wearable cameras and gear-attachment devices.

Press Release: Hillcrest Labs Introduces the Loop Pointer ? In-Air Mouse for TV

Hillcrest Labs’ award-winning Loop pointer is a unique Freespace® mouse that lets users control an on-screen cursor with the flick of wrist. The Loop pointer is designed to be used by the growing number of consumers who connect their PC or Mac to a TV.

According to data derived from a recent Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) report, there are now more than 7 million US households that have connected a personal computer to their home television sets1. With the Loop pointer, these consumers now have an engaging new way to search, browse, and navigate the Web or their home media content on TV.

The Loop pointer’s distinctive design is round and ergonomic including just four buttons and a scroll wheel. Originally developed as a concept product to showcase Hillcrest Labs’ Freespace in-air pointing and motion control technology, the Loop pointer is available to consumers for the first time for just $99. Consumers can purchase the Loop pointer at www.amazon.com or www.hillcrestlabs.com/loop.

“As our flagship Freespace product design, the Loop pointer has captured the imagination and interest of most people who have used it,” said Dan Simpkins, CEO and founder of Hillcrest Labs. “Although today we are introducing our first product directly to the public, at our core, we remain a software and IP licensing company.”

“Hillcrest Labs is recognized as one of the most innovative developers of motion control technology and graphical user interfaces for television,” said Colin Dixon, principal analyst at the Diffusion Group. “Their new Loop pointer is a simple, elegant product whose unique design will make it a great conversation piece in the living room, dorm room, lecture hall, or board room.”

Examples of Applications and Uses

To use the Loop pointer, consumers simply plug a small, USB 2.0 transceiver that comes with the device into a compatible computer or device. As with a conventional mouse, no special driver software is required for use on a PC or Mac. Device applications include:

  • Mouse for TV: For consumers who connect a PC-to-TV or Mac-to-TV, the Loop is an in-air pointer that offers the industry’s highest performance. Users can relax comfortably on a couch, hold the Loop pointer in any position, and control their favorite online video sites, photo sites, music sites, and more. Using the standard on-screen keyboards that are included with the Windows or Mac operating systems, people can enter search terms, passwords, and more.

  • Presenters: Executives, professors or other PowerPointTM users now have a far more useful and eye-catching tool for use with keynotes, company presentations, or lectures. The Loop pointer also makes it easy to switch between presentations, web pages and other applications, all while walking around the conference room or lecture hall.

The Loop pointer can also complement the following products:

  • KODAK Theatre HD Player: Owners of the highly acclaimed KODAK Theatre HD Player can use the Loop pointer as a fully functioning alternative controller to interact with pictures, videos and music, and more.

  • PS3TM: The Loop pointer is not a game controller for PS3, but it can be used as a complementary device to navigate the Internet using the PS3’s web browser.

  • Apple TV: While Apple TV does not support mouse controllers, consumers who use aTV Flash, from Fire Core (version 3.6), will be able to use the Loop pointer to navigate content on the device and the aTV Flash web browser.

Freespace Technology

The Loop pointer incorporates Hillcrest Labs’ patented Freespace technology. Attributes of the Loop pointer that are made possible by Freespace technology include:

  • High Accuracy/Precision: The Loop is a highly precise pointer which allows users to point to individual pixels on a high-resolution screen.

  • Orientation Compensation: Regardless of the orientation of the device in space (e.g. pointing at the ground, turned sideways, etc.), Freespace generates intuitive cursor motions on the screen. MEMS (Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems) sensors combined with Hillcrest’s proprietary software enable consistent control of the device from any position – standing, sitting or reclining.

  • Adaptive Tremor Removal: Hillcrest’s technology can distinguish between intentional and unintentional movement, including natural hand tremors. Instead of filtering out the entire range of human tremor, which would reduce the accuracy of the pointer, the Loop pointer dynamically measures each individual user’s specific tremor and unintentional movements and removes them.

  • No Line-of-Sight: Unlike conventional Infrared devices and optical motion-sensing devices that require “line-of-sight” operation, the Loop pointer uses RF (radio frequency) technology, so users do not need to point directly at the computer or TV screen. This gives users greater freedom to move around at a range of up to 30 feet. It also means that the PC or Mac could be stored in a media cabinet while in use.

Freespace technology can also be licensed by companies as a complete hardware and software platform to create peripheral devices that accurately track motion with six degrees of freedom. Companies that have licensed Freespace for use in their products include: Eastman Kodak, Logitech, UEI, and ZillionTV. In addition, Hillcrest Labs licenses a broad set of intellectual property including more than 40 issued patents, out of more than 190 filed by the company.

Loop Pointer Specifications

  • Diameter: 4.8 inches (approximately the size of a CD or DVD)

  • Width: 1.2 inches

  • Weight: 4.9 ounces

  • Color: Black with silver buttons

  • Connectivity: USB 2.0 antenna with built in RF (radio frequency transceiver)

• Power supply: 2 AA batteries (included)

To order the Loop pointer, consumers should visit www.amazon.com or www.hillcrestlabs.com/loop. For more details about Hillcrest Labs, visit www.hillcrestlabs.com.

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  5. 5. Press release: Clickfree extends its lead in the consumer backup category with the launch of three new innovative solutions at CES
  6. 6. Press release: GoPro Announces HD HERO Naked - Professional Quality HD Sports Camera at Disruptive $259 MSRP
  7. 7. Press Release: Hillcrest Labs Introduces the Loop Pointer ? In-Air Mouse for TV
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