You want a hybrid camera with a built in viewfinder. Here is a list of our favourite hybrid cameras with viewfinder built in

Hybrid cameras with a built in viewfinder:

Samsung NX11

The NX11 is one of the few Compact System Cameras to still include a viewfinder on the body, rather than including one as an optional extra. The end quality of the camera is impressive as well, thanks to a 14.6MP DSLR-sized sensor.


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Sony NEX-7

Sony’s new NEX-7 sports a number of superb innovations, not least of all the OLED viewfinder. This allows the image to be viewed with unparalelled sharpness and detail, as well as the kind of colour quality which gives a superb impression of the end result.


6400 max ISOHas a manual modeHas HD video3 inch plus LCD screen (large LCD screen)Has a built in flashUses SD memory cards

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