You want a hybrid camera for between u00a3400 and u00a3600. Here is a list of our favourite hybrid cameras for a price between u00a3400 and u00a3600

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Olympus E-PL1Olympus E-PL1

If the Olympus E-PL1 indicates the direction for hybrid models, then the outlook is 
certainly positive.

The camera is by no means perfect, particularly when its focusing foibles are considered, and it’d be nice to see high-res LCD screens and a few other wrinkles ironed out in future models. Even so, to achieve this level of image quality in such a small body is a significant development.


12 megapixels3200 max ISOHas a manual modeHas HD videoHas image stabilisation Has a built in flashUses SD memory cardsWeight - 296gWDC score - 88%

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Samsung NX10Samsung NX10

The NX10 offers great value and will open the mirrorless market up to a variety of users.

Whether performance will outsmart the entry-level DSLR market (and, based on its design the NX10 appeals very much as a DSLR-replacement camera) is another matter altogether, one that only the consumers can answer.

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