You want a DSLR with a fast burst mode. Here is a list of our favourite DSLR cameras that include fast burst mode

DSLR cameras with a fast burst mode:

Nikon D300sNikon D300s

As video is the main addition (and however obvious as it may be to state it), it’s clear that the D300s is designed for those who will be using the camera for both still images and video, particularly the latter in a more professional manner when connecting an external microphone. Overall, it adds subtle enhancements to an already excellent camera.


12 megapixelsHas a maximum ISO of 6400Has a manual exposure modeHas HD videoHas a large LCD screenHas a built-in flashTakes sd media cardsTakes cf media cards

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Canon 1DMk4Canon EOS 1D Mark IV

The 1D Mk IV is one of the best DSLRs ever produced. As to whether it is better or worse than Nikon’s D3s is too close to call without direct comparison testing between the two.

It’s fair to say, though, that both have their benefits and faults and on comparing their ISO performances on our colour chart, the 1D Mk IV doesn’t control noise as well above 12,800 but it does have other strengths.


18 megapixelsHas a maximum ISO of 102,400Has a manual exposure modeHas HD videoHas a large LCD screenTakes cf media cards   

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Canon EOS 7DCanon EOS 7D

Changing a system that works so well can be a dangerous business, but Canon appears to have pulled it off with the 7D. The changes are subtle but generally help usability once you find the new positions. In the hand the 7D feels like a very solid and well-built camera, enough to be used as a regular workhorse for the semi-pro, or second camera for a pro. 

The quality of the results, the high ISO and video performance make this a serious consideration for anyone looking to buy an EOS 5D, and for some the smaller file sizes and 1.6x focal conversion will actually be a benefit. It means smaller, lighter lenses can be used – including the EF-S models.

This camera is likely to be as popular for videographers as it will for still photographers for similar reasons. Overall, the 7D will be an aspiration for all amateur photographers, and those who purchase will not be disappointed.


18 megapixelsHas a maximum ISO of 12800Has a manual exposure modeHas HD videoHas a large LCD screenHas built-in anti shakeHas a built-in flashTakes cf media cards  

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