Remember the days of the disposable camera? The click, flash and wind of the film. Holiday memories captured on a roll with no chance to preview before they're taken into the printers. The anticipation of reliving your favourite moments, remembering the faces of the people you've met and those snaps that were taken after a few drinks that you completely forgot about!

Over the years the disposable camera has become almost as nostalgic as the good old polaroid, with the surge in popularity and decreasing prices of good quality digital cameras it’s fair to say the printing companies have had to put their eggs into a number of other baskets.

You could say that the modern day photographer is becoming more self-sufficient but apart from revealing half of your photographs with pesky finger tips in the lens shot or blank prints where the flash has malfunctioned the grass isn’t always greener when it comes to the era of digital photography.

One of the big problems with the digital camera, one that we can all relate to, is that you just never seem to get your photographs printed. Just because you can see them on a screen you lose the urgency to get the hard copies. Add to this the fact that the only thing holding you back is your cameras memory capacity and you usually end up with hundreds more photographs than you’d ordinarily take.

Taking your images to be printed by the professionals can also cost a fortune, particularly when you’re guilty of being a little too trigger happy! But just as technology has taken the camera into new realms and made it affordable for the masses, so too have the quality of home printers. You can now get a colour laser printer for your printing needs, whether it’s materialising the snaps of you and your family on holiday or printing your artistic depictions.

Not only can it be more cost effective to print your photographs at home but it’s also a big motivation when you don’t have to traipse into town and have somebody looking over your shoulder whilst you’re filtering through your collection to find your favourites. You know the type, suddenly your ‘hilarious’ photographs from a night out don’t seem as funny when they’re subject to the scornful eyes of the person standing behind you in the queue or the assistant who you’ve had to call over because you can’t quite work the machine.

Despite the disposable camera facing an almost certain extinction over the next decade there is still a place for it in the world of photography. Take for instance the relative inexpensive cost of the disposable waterproof camera for experimenting with under water shots. Not only are waterproof digital cameras and cases that little bit more expensive there’s still something a little unnerving about plunging a quality, electrically powered camera into water!

And of course the polaroid is a golden oldie, perfect for simultaneously capturing and printing your memories in a cool, retro fashion.