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Winner ‘Your View’ Landscape Photographer of the Year

Dave Lyon

Ferry leaving Newhaven harbour in storm

Canon EOS 5D Mk II, 100-400mm lens, 1/2000sec @ f/11

Dave Lyon’s fantastic shot is an HDR image combined from three versions of the original Raw file. Dave was battling through a storm at Newhaven harbour when he spotted the funnel of a ferry in the distance. ‘I struggled a further 100 yards on the shingle, placed my tripod and managed to get half a dozen shots before the ferry disappeared,’ he says. Dave uses Canon’s 5D series, having shot this image on the Mk II. ‘The full frame suits landscape photography, and with the later models the ability to shoot in low light at higher ISOs without too much picture degradation is a real plus,’ he says. One item that caught his eye this year was Canon’s new 200-400mm lens with the built-in 1.4x converter. ‘Although it’s well out of reach price-wise!’ he says.

About the Landscape photographer of the year

You can see more winning images from Take a View’s LPOTY competition at the exhibition running at London’s National Theatre from 7 December to 8 February 2014, or in the book Landscape Photographer of the Year Collection 07, priced £25.

RAF Photographic Competition

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Runner up ‘RAF Equipment’ RAF Photographic Competition

Sac Rob Travis

Slip the very bonds of Earth

Nikon d3, 70-200mm lens, 1/2500sec @ f/10

Rob Travis was waiting for the legendary aerobatic display team the Red Arrows to return following their last display of the day. ‘It was a beautiful January winter evening’s sun,’ he says. ‘The Arrows did a massive final loop, and I got the shot as they were going into the loop. You can always tell when the boss is happy: he always does an extra loop for everybody!’ Rob’s been using the Nikon D3. ‘What’s not to like about it?,’ he says. ‘It feels right, the buttons are in the right places, it’s quick to focus and change lenses. It’s absolutely ideal for quick-thinking photography.’

About the Royal Air Force Photographic Competition

The RAF’s photographic competition has run annually for 24 years and aims to show the global work of the RAF, as well as the skill and technical competence of Royal Air Force photographers. This year saw more than 1,000 entries.

Picture Editors? Guild Awards

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Regional Finalist: Picture Editors’ Guild Awards

Frank Dwyer


Nikon d300, 17-55mm lens, 1/200sec @ f/9

Frank took this image at a display event at Clifford’s Tower in York, where he works for the local press.

‘It was one of those perfect days where everything went right,’ he recalls. Frank and his colleagues have been using the Nikon D300 for about three years now, and he particularly likes how the camera handles high-contrast subjects, as seen to the left. That’s not to say he doesn’t experience a little professional envy: ‘When the nationals come to do anything in York like Royal visits, we always see the Nikon D4,’ he says. ‘That’s what we’d really love to have.’

About the UK picture Editors’ Guild Awards

The winning images from the UK Picture Editors’ Guild Awards can all be viewed at a free exhibition at the Museum of London, which will be running until 16 March 2014. More than 60 images will be on display in the museum’s rotunda.

CBRE Urban Photographer of the Year Awards

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Winner CBRE Urban Photographer of the Year Awards

Mark French

Looking good at work

Nikon d800e, 70-200mm lens, 1/500sec @ f/8

Mark French’s shot deservedly triumphed over more than 12,500 entries in the CBRE Urban Photographer of the Year awards for 2013.

‘I had recently moved to Hong Kong and was struck by the immensity and quantity of advertising on display, especially on the trams which are a unique feature,’ Mark says. ‘As I watched closely, I noticed that the advertising images on the side of the trams made an interesting contrast between the passengers’ expressions and faces, and in this case with the driver who seemed to be checking his reflection during the morning rush hour.’

About the CBRE Urban Photographer of the Year

The theme for this year’s Urban Photographer of the Year competition was ‘Cities at Work’, challenging entrants to capture the feel of life in a town or city at a specific time of day.

Astronomy Photographer of the Year

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Winner Astronomy Photographer of the Year

Mark Gee

Guiding Light to the Stars

Canon 5D Mk III, 24-70mm lens, composite of 20 images

The Astronomy Photographer of the Year competition saw some exceptional photography in 2013, but Mark Gee’s image of the skies of the Southern Hemisphere was the standout winner. Showing the central regions of the Milky Way Galaxy (26,000 light years away), Mark’s image is a tremendous technical feat that was captured with the Canon 5D Mk III. ‘The 5D is my astro- photography workhorse,’ Mark says. ‘Its full-frame sensor is ideal for capturing as much light as possible, and it performs exceptionally well at high ISOs, which is required for capturing the beauty of the night sky.’ Mark also praises the f/2.8 maximum aperture of the Canon EF 24-70mm, which is vital for getting as much light onto the sensor as possible. He’s currently eyeing up the Canon 6D as a backup camera for its high ISO low-light performance. ‘Word on the street is that it out-performs the 5D Mk III in that department,’ he says.

About the Astronomy Photographer of the Year

Mark’s image and others from this year’s competition are currently exhibiting at the Royal Observatory Greenwich, where they will be on display until 23 February 2014.

Wildlife Photographer of the Year

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Winner ‘Creative Visions’: Wildlife Photographer of the Year
Jasper Doest

Snow Moment

Nikon D4, 24-70mm, Nikon SB-800 flash, 1/100sec @f/11

Jasper has recently become a Canon Ambassador, using a Canon 1D X and 5D Mk III. ‘I love full-frame cameras for their depth-of-field, ability to work at high ISOs and wideangle perspectives,’ he says.

About the Wildlife Photographer of the Year

Jasper’s shot was among 100 images selected from tens of thousands of images from this year’s Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition, which can be seen at an exhibition at the National History Museum, open until March 23, 2014.

British Wildlife Photography Awards

Winner British Wildlife Photography Awards
George Karbus

In the living room

Nikon D700, 16mm lens, 1/1000sec @ f/7.1

George’s shot was taken off the coast of Northern Ireland. ‘I encountered this playful dolphin that suddenly started to surf the deep tube inside the waves. Each time the dolphin got into the wave, I dived underneath, held my breath and waited for the moment when he would swish through a silver barrel close enough to my lens,’ he says. ‘I was very lucky to get a shot like this.’

About the British Wildlife Photography Awards

George’s image and others from the competition can be seen in the book British Wildlife Photography Awards Collection 4, a celebration of of British wildlife as captured by today’s most talented photographers.

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