Since social media burst into the public self-consciousness with the revolution of MySpace, our way of life changed.

We could now update the world with our thoughts and feelings, share random pieces of information and see what our friends were doing in a way we’d never been able to before. Of course in recent years all of this has become much easier with Facebook and Twitter spearheading the social integration of society, and the Smartphone allowing us to check in, tweet and inform wherever and whenever we wanted to.

Aside from our social requirement to share our location and thoughts, we also became much more at ease with sharing our photos with the world. Our personal albums of Truprint photos that were once kept at home, are now uploaded to the internet as everyone realises the power of the photograph; after all a photo is worth a thousand words. But in 2010 one piece of social media capitalised on our need to share our lives in photos with the world in our always connected society, and that was Instagram.

Photo Power
The photo sharing website not only changed our lives but also the photography landscape in a way it hadn’t been changed since the advent of digital photography. The app gave us a way to update everyone around us on what we were doing, where we were and share simple thoughts all through the power of a photograph.

The power of the photograph has been known to many for years, with magazines spending hours on finding the right cover photo and advertisers spending millions on photo heavy ad campaigns. But now a whole generation are experiencing and embracing the power of the photograph in ways they never had before.

Generational difference
Where people born to Generation X remember photos being precious and limited, photographs were often taken at specific times; but with digital cameras this was eliminated for the Internet Generation; but it was social media that gave these digital photos a mass outlet.

With smartphones encouraging us to snap everything and share, we can now feel more connected with the rest of the world and our friends; and it also ensures we never miss those special moments as with one quick flick and a share, that memory is captured and stored on the world wide web.

New steps
But with Instagram potentially expanding the photography industry and changing our lives by allowing us to retain more memories in a glossy photograph, other photo apps have sprang up.

With photo sharing app Snap Chat and video app Vine beginning to gain steam it may still be too early to see if they’ll change the landscape like Instagram has. But if they do make the same amount of impact, surely it can only change our lives for the better? After all if Instagram has shown us one thing; it’s that we all love photographs.