Need help using our camera selector or want to find out how we choose the cameras? Here's a quick guide

The camera selector represents what we think are the best cameras in each category.

It is laid out so that you can find the type of features you want at the right price range for you.

How to use

To use, simply start at Each page asks a question about the type of camera you want, simply click on your choice. You can go back at any time if you change your mind.

There are also links on the right hand side of the page if there is a specific price or feature you must have. To choose one of these, simply click on the text.

How we choose the cameras we recommend

The cameras at the end are the ones that have all the features you said you needed, which scored over 80% when we tested them. They are not every camera available that fits the criteria you requested, only our recommendations.

If you don’t like what we recommend, you can go through the picker again, changing your criteria or you can view all of our reviews and scores for all cameras we have tested at

We also have a series of guides giving advice about how to choose a camera for your needs: Camera buying guide

Price brakets

Camera prices change all of the time, depending on how long the model has been on sale, where you choose to buy it and many other factors. The price ranges we use are a guide to how much the camera should cost you. We can’t be precise as we’d need to be updating the prices every week rather than spending time reviewing how good the cameras are. We make every effort, though, to review the camera selector regularly and keep the information up to date. If you spot anything you think is wrong, do let us know and we’ll double check.

Have any feedback?

Our camera selector is new, and though we’ve tested it as much as we can to make sure it’s what people need, it can always be improved. If you have any feedback send it to