WDC take a hands-on look at Canon's new PowerShot S90


This month Canon went camera crazy, announcing a bundle of new models including a pair of the IXUS models, two additions to the SX series and a new model in the G series. The stand-out camera, however, is the new PowerShot S90. The model revives the manufacturer’s S series, dormant since 2006, and has been described as a ‘stripped-down G10’. WDC headed to Canon HQ for a hands-on preview of the new model.

  • David McAllister

    Thanks for this and also the G11 hands-on video.

    When discussing the S90, you compare it with the G10.
    David Parry picks this up and from there on both of you refer to G10.
    The spec sheet at the end says that the S90 uses same sensor as G10.
    All references to G10 should be changed to G11.