Mat Gallagher gets his hands on the new Nikon D5000 DSLR for a first look

  • Giuliano

    Well, I really think Nikon will surely win the battle in Consumer Reflex. I see it deals with a great product, a real upgrade from D 60. What it surprises me is the great possibility to move or rotate the display for every angle shot both normally and in Live View. I think that new Nikon camera has all those function today a consumere can desire. Even the prize is bearable enough both its body and lens included. Well done, Nikon. My congratulations indeed. I’ll surely be going to upgrade my Nikon D 60 as soon as the D 5000 will be available in the market. And I wish I invite all the nikonians and the photo enthusiasts or prof to consider such product as it is a real jewel in digital photography.