Pentax Kx review of upcoming features

Watch our hands-on preview video of the Pentax K-x…

Pentax K-x review of features – Nigel Atherton, Editor of What Digital Camera looks at a pre-production model of a Pentax Kx and give an overview of what features the upcoming Pentax Km digital SRL will have.

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    I bought a Pentax Kx last Nov.8 2009,at one of the electronic shop at ILAWARRA , Warrawong ….for 777.00 Australian Dollar…..also bought a Sandisk Extreme 111 memory card…..8gb , but I could say Pentax Kx is an excellent Camera….it has a good quality photos……..and I’m satisfied with it…..if you want to see some of my first images please visit http:/
    I’m still learning , how to use this camera, and it has also very good video recording …..its very clear……with the photos I’ved taken….I feel like I’m profi ( LOL )