An exclusive interview with Olympus UK's Mark Thakara about the new Olympus OM-D E-M5

Olympus OM-D EM-5

  • ken

    order from
    and they will ship it to you
    you can used credit card

  • Alex

    As a Panasonic GF1 user, this looks like it will be my perfect upgrade camera, with features Panasonic should have included on the GX1. Hopefully the price will come down a bit once it’s out, as £999 for the body is a bit unfair compared to $999 is the U.S.

  • Freddie Feest

    I only recently bought an Olympus Pen but the OMD looks like the perfect camera for me with its several additional benefits. At least I now have four Pen lenses that will fit the OMD!

  • mario ortiz

    i think is a winner. after de disappointed news of the fuji xpro1 i do really think this camera is going to be a hit. it is not so expensive… it will come with flash and lens. and it will be all together cheaper than the fujifilm xpro 1. still i have to think about the nex 7 not sure which will be a winner. but they lost me as a customer with the xpro1. too expensive and the lenses and flash are not even included. .. but who knows… a good review of those three cameras will be great…,,
    i think still this camera is a winner… good price. and good ideas….. not so sure about the grip and the battery grip… i think is called… maybe not for me…

    thanks.. can not wait for the review….

  • mick

    Excellent preview and makes me (an owner of several OM1Ns and OM2Ns quite nostalgic.