Matt Golowczynski compares the two latest consumer DSLRs from Olympus

  • Rich

    I have an E420 and I love it. I had no problems understanding what the chap on the video was saying and if the only differences between the 420 and the 520 are the ones noted (and they seem to be) what’s the problem?!

  • Greg Ralph

    I had hoped that the review would be a point comparison between the 420 and the 520. It was disappointing that only the grip and the IS system were noted as differences. I would have liked some comment about weight, battery consumption, price etc. It would not have been unreasonable to expect some comment about other similar cameras such as the Panasonic G1 for example. Your reviewer does not have a clear speaking voice and I thought he spoke to quickly – so I had to replay a few times to understand some of what he said.