We’ve been reporting from CES – the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, where a host of cameras have been announced. We’ve collaborated all our first-look videos from the cameras launched at CES in this CES 2013 What Digital Camera round-up.

Pentax MX-1

We get our hands on the Pentax MX-1 at CES in Las Vegas. In our Pentax MX-1 first look review video, we look at the features, build and design of the recently announced Pentax MX-1.

Nikon J3

The arrival of the J3 builds on the still relatively new J2 with a new sensor. The J3 sits above the S1 in the Nikon 1-series range, now with a 14.2MP 1in CMOS sensor. See what our first impressions are of the Nikon J3.

Nikon S1

Nikon has extended its CSC range with the arrival of the S1. The Nikon 1 S1 is the first model in the new S-series, with the intention for models to be fast, stylish and straightforward, aimed at appealing to users of compact cameras looking for better performance and image quality, while it sits below the J-series in the Nikon 1 hierarchy. See what our first impressions are of the Nikon S1

CES 2013 – First Look video round-up

Polaroid iM1836

Polaroid’s first Compact System Camera and the first CSC with Android.

Fujifilm X100S

One of the most popular cameras of recent years, Fujifilm’s X100 has finally been succeeded by the X100S. Said to carry over 70 improvements, the X100S features a newly-developed X-Trans CMOS sensor. Here are our first impressions on the X100S.

Fujifilm X20

We take a look at the Fujifilm X20, an update to the X10. The Fujifilm X20 now features a X-Trans CMOS sensor and a refreshed design. See what our first impressions are of the Fujifilm X20.

Canon PowerShot N

With an unusual design and operation, what’s the latest compact from Canon like to use?

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