Hands on preview of the Canon SX30 IS, with the world's longest optical zoom bridge camera

  • D Mason

    I have taken photo of Blackpool Tower from Southport in Misty conditions and was surprised at the detail of other buildings in the same area

  • Pattenden

    A worthwhile video to see before buying

  • Col H

    I returned the FZ100 i bought as the full zoom image quality was awful. I replaced it with the SX30 and it produces beautiful photos at full zoom. I am not a canon fanboy either as my main love is my Panny LX3 . The FZ100 however is a total letdown and i was surprised how much better the canon was on this occassion.

  • Neil Scott

    I have now had my SX30 for just over a month, since my first report, and the most amazing thing about it is the zoom range.
    As long as you use a tripod or some other means of stabilising the camera, the 840mm (35mm equivalent)setting is incredible. Buttons are still a problem, and the only other thing that spoils this wee camera is the awful shutter delay. I don’t know how long it actually is, but it is significantly long such that many candid shots I have tried have missed by a long way. This could be a useful camera for wildlife photographers if Canon can do something about that delay.

  • Jsf

    I am thinking of buying a superzoom camera, and i am considering the canon sx30, the panasonic fz45 and the fz100, but i am finding it hard to decide, any advise would be appreciated!

  • Padraig

    I bought the fz100 recently and returned it as the picture quality was extremly poor now i am thinking about the canon

  • Mike B

    In terms of IQ there is not a lot in it between the Panasonic FZ100 and the Canon SX30. Since the Panasonic is a little smaller and support full HD movies I think it is the one to go for.

  • Essahaty

    Let me say for compact bridge camera enthusiasts with ultrasuper zoom lens addiction it’s only the sx30 is which will fulfil ur zoom hunger…..

  • Karl

    Great camera so far. Picture quality seems excellent. Must agree with Neil though, Zoom Framing Assist Button does get in the way.

  • GJ

    Thanks for the comments Neil! Would like to hear more soon. I’m still torn between Panasonic’s FZ100 and this new beast from Canon.

    I’ve been a Canon user and would like to retire my trusty A530. I’m still waiting for the reviews but so far what’s making me go for Canon is the ease of use plus the proprietary effects (i.e color swap, color accent, miniature). Other than that, I’m leaning towards Lumix FZ100 for now as I wait for the SX30 IS to arrive here in our country.

  • Neil Scott

    I have just bought one, and while technically it is OK, the buttons on the back are a nightmare! Anyone with average sized hands will find it difficult to keep their thumb away from the Zoom Framing Assist button. This causes all sorts of problems until you know what is happening! The lens apparently zooms at random, until you manage to keep your thumb off that button.
    Also the only way to tell if the camera is on or not is the tiny feeble green LED which is effectively invisible in daylight.
    The tiny sensor (1/2.3) means that noise and other artefacts are very obvious if you try to sharpen photos at all. Mind you, the perfromance of the lens and sensor is such that sharpening is not often needed.
    As I said, I have just bought one, so these are very early comments.


    Very interesting,help please, would this have picture stability on zoom for action sports pics?

  • Alan Wells

    Your preview looks brilliant but few enthusiasts produce movies that do not need editing to remove the glitches. Now, if the movies can be imported into a computer editing package, Canon have a winner!

  • Helen.Tongue

    Ticks all my boxes, can’t wait to get my hands on one to try!