Canon's new flagship compact features several key changes from its predecessor, the G10. WDC takes a closer look at this impressive DSLR alternative

  • George Steele

    One wonders if this guy has even seen or used the G9 and G10. The G10 was far superior to the G9 and I look forward to getrting the even better G11. It is of course necessary to understand how to take photographs in order to be able to use these cameras and to appreciate their good points. A mere snapper may find problems with the increased facilities in the later cameras.

  • BK Porteus

    Canon still get it wrong again! The G10 was not a successor to the G9 as it was a poorer camera in all respects – lens quality, ease of use, build quality, image definition to name just a few of its problems. How,therefore, will the G11 be better? It already has the annoying tilt view screen which is smaller than the G9 screen. It has the wider angle but less effective (telephoto-wise )lens and why only 10 million pixels? The G9 (already just a memory) wiped the floor with the G10 and I expect the G11 will not be as good either. One final grouch – the G11 is already available for pre-order and in the USA has been cut to $499 at That is so much less than the £569 being asked in rip-off Britain it’s just astounding!!!