Make the most of sunny days and light evenings this summer by shooting some portraits of your friends and family. John Freeman shares a few tricks and techniques to get professional looking results using st natural light


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About John Freeman

A top pro photographer with a long and impressive client list, John has illustrated dozens of books, which have taken him all over the world covering everything from cookery to the Kama Sutra. He is perhaps best known among photography enthusiasts for his numerous photography technique books, which have sold over two million copies worldwide. Visit his website at

  • Gerry McGovern

    Well done, John. Some great tips here. Will pick up a reflector ASAP, what a difference they make. Thanks again.

  • Stephen

    Great video, I am a keen armature photographer,love doing portraits,and love learning new ideas, i have just purchased a reflector can’t wait to use it. thanks for some great tips and idea’s

  • Valeriy

    Very nice. Thank you.