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Kodak EasyShare tutorial

Kodak Easy Share - how to use this free software from Kodak to organise your photos, make small fixes and access online services

Adobe Photoshop Album SE 3.2 tutorial

Adobe Photoshop Album SE 3.2 - how to use this free software from Adobe to fix and organise your photos


Adobe Photoshop Elements 5: Basic Sharpening

Philip Andrews demystifies the dark art of sharpening, using Adobe Photoshop Elements 5


Adobe Photoshop Elements 4: Creating Slideshows

Philip Andrews shows how to create slideshows, using Adobe Photoshop Elements 4


Photoshop Elements 4: Using the Magic Selection Brush

Philip Andrews explains how to use the Magic Selection Brush in Adobe Photoshop Elements 4


The WDC Guide to Filters

Is there any point in using filters on the camera when we have Photoshop at home? Yes, says Nigel Atherton, who explains which types of filters are available, what they do, and how to use them.

Video Tutorial: How to Shoot Panoramics

Nigel Atherton heads to the WDC office roof to demonstrate how to shoot a series of consecutive views that can be easily stitched together to make a panorama

John Freeman's top portraiture tips

Nigel Atherton visits top photographer John Freeman in his London gallery to get some tips and advice for better portraits

10 top tips for travel photographers

Video tutorial presented by Nigel Atherton


John Freeman's Portraiture Tips

Top photographer and author John Freeman shares a few tips for better portrait photography


10 top tips for travel photographers

WDC Editor offers his essential tips for better travel photos

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