Review of the Datacolor Spyder 3 Elite software

Manufacturer: Datacolor
Model: Spyder 3 Elite
Price: £134

The next generation of colorimeters from leading manufacturer Datacolor offers over a 400% increase in light sensitivity over the Spyder 2.

The Spyder 3 also features the first seven-detector colour engine for more sensitive colour accuracy alongside a new ambient light meter.

The Spyder 3 comes with it’s own dedicated Colourvision software that features StudioMatch Assistant with which you can match several monitors to a single target, ideal for offices with multiple monitors. Initial calibration takes around five minutes with subsequent recalibrations taking around half that time.

There’s a slight improvement in the colour rendition and contrast ratio from the Spyder 3 when compared to its predecessor and the ambient readings are useful as you don’t need to worry so much about daylight changes and using tungsten lighting within your working enviroment.

An dramatic improvement on the Spyder 2, so if you liked that piece of kit, you should definitely consider upgrading

Stylish, simple, good results

Initial calibration twice as long as subsequent ones

What Digital Camera Score: 88%

  • Roger Webster

    I want to echo the multiple monitor color matching issue. I have two Dells: a 3008 and a 2407, and even using StudioMatch cannot get them all that close (each monitor, after calibration, still has a noticeable cast). The software is on version 3.0.7, which is better than the incredibly junky earlier versions, but still not very good.

  • Steve Jordan

    I’ve been using the Spyder3 Elite for over six months now. While it is a reasonable product and does its job reasonably well, you need to be aware of a few things. First is the spectacular lack of support from the comapny., I’ve sent several emails to the US and Swiss email addresses with absolutely no response. I mean NONE.
    The other thing I’ve discovered is that the Spyder3 Elite does not play well with multi-monitor set ups ( I have two Dell monitors) and trying to calibrate the two so they match -even a little bit- is …a challenge at best. And trying to save the profile does not work on the second monitor unlees I change the name , no biggie but tiresome.
    Buy it if you must, but as of this time (March 09) I’m wishing I had paid a few dollars more or less for one of the other calibration systems.