Review of the Crumpler New Delhi 510 camera bag

Manufacturer: Crumpler
Model: New Delhi 510
Price: £120

It may be unclear just how Crumplerʼs New Delhi shoulder bag got its moniker, but thankfully thereʼs less confusion about its focus and intentions. With room to fit a 13in laptop and a DSLR with up to three lenses, the bag is aimed directly at the photographer whoʼs packing a little bit more on their travels.

Inside, a removable compartment opens via a zipped lid, with a handle for its quick and convenient removal. With Velcro-lined dividers youʼre free to set your own divisions, though the bagʼs main walls wonʼt accept these to be affixed, should you take out the inner compartment. Pockets are plentiful and positioned all around the bag, with a large flat space against the main lid, and smaller pockets with mesh lining around the front. Two clasps secure the bag when closed, while a much larger clasp sits on the strap, allowing you to adjust its length.

The bag is certainly well protected when its secondary compartment is used, though trying to unzip its lid when the bag is inside can be tricky, particularly if itʼs full up with heavy equipment.

Spacious, removable inner

Zip can be tricky to open

Our Verdict:
As a shoulder bag it fits in quite a lot of gear, and photographers may find a similarly specified rucksack to offer more comfort when carrying particularly weighty equipment. Its price may seem a little steep too, though as with all Crumpler products youʼre paying for super-strong construction that should make the bag last for years.

What Digital Camera Score: 85%

  • Kevin Munday

    I purchased the 510 version of this bag in the vain hope of finding a shoulder bag that was able to carry a D3 with a lens fixed and a couple of extra lenses; surely not a lot to ask. I have to say that this bag is not well thought out:

    Why the “three bags in one”? If you’re going to design a camera bag then design a camera bag not something that you can do the weeks shopping with provided you take out the internal pocket.

    What’s with all the velcro? It’s everywhere and it’s not easy to open so going for that spur of the moment shot is neigh on impossible.

    This shoulder bag doesn’t need an internal bag, sufficient padding should be incorporated into the the bag itself affording protection to your gear, the way it is you just lose so much space.

    Crumpler make a big deal about the type of material they use for this design but still they see the need to provide a waterproof cover for it, why is it so difficult to make a waterproof bag??

    Far too many annoying pockets, a shoulder strap release mechanism that is way too complicated and side handles (at least that’s what I think they are) that wouldn’t go amiss on a suitcase.

    This is only the 510 model looking at the 770 model you may as well have a suitcase strapped to your side. I couldn’t honestly recommend this bag to anyone unless the only equipment you’re carrying is a compact and a laptop and even then you’d have to ditch the inner bag. Rating it then 2/10 and that’s only for the build quality which can’t be faulted.