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lens coating

Lens Coatings

Why are lens coatings important? Matt reveals all in his guide to lens coatings...

Face detection

Face detection / face recognition explained

By being able to detect a face in the scene, the camera can concentrate its autofocus on that person's face to ensure it is the primary subject in focus within the image...

Olympus E-PL1 large image

What are Micro Four Thirds cameras?

Micro four thirds cameras explained. Are you wondering what micro four thirds cameras are? We explain all you need to know about this exciting new camera format


Geo tagging explained

How many times have you been asked: ‘where was that taken?' Geotagging works by endowing your camera with data from a GPS receiver...

Your Essential Guide to DSLR Video

Your Essential Guide to DSLR Video - About DSLR cameras with video mode

Capturing video using a DSLR is a relatively new concept that brings a whole new set of terminology to the fold. We give you the lowdown

FLash Technology Guide

Your Complete Guide to Flash Technology: Types of Flash

It’s one of the most complicated subjects in photography, filled with impenetrable jargon, and requiring a knowledge of science and even maths! Or is it? WDC explains all...


The world of Flickr

More than just a photo-sharing website, Flickr has rapidly become a global phenomenon, with over 22 million members. WDC discovers why it has achieved such cult status among photographers


How to clean your sensor

WDC looks at one of the hottest topics in digital photography, discovers what manufacturers are doing about it plus examines a raft of solutions

Anti-shake Technology Explained

Image Stabilisation. Vibration Reduction. Anti-Shake. It goes by lots of names but the aim remains the same – to eliminate camera shake. But how does each system work, and which is best?

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