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Depth of field

Depth of field explained

Confused about depth of field? What Digital Camera examines what the term means and the factors which affect depth of field

Focal length explained: Tamron ZoomSchematic 28-300 thumbnail

Focal length explained

In our article: focal length explained we look at what exactly is camera lens focal length, why focal length can change when the same lens is used on two different bodies and which focal length...

Active D Lighting dynamic range optimisation

Dynamic range explained

In our article: Dynamic range optimisation, we look at what is meant by dynamic range and the camera manufacturers response to this.

ISO performance

High ISO performance explained: What is noise and how can you reduce the loss of quality in low light images?

In our article: High ISO performance explained: What is noise and how can high ISO performance help combat it? We look at why noise occurs and what manufacturers are doing to reduce the loss of...

Image stabilisation

Image stabilisation explained

In our article: Image stabilisation explained, we look at what is meant by image stabilisation technology in digital cameras

Live view

Live view explained

We explain what is meant by live view and what to bear in mind when buying a camera with live view

Movie mode

Movie mode explained: HD video cameras on DSLRs

In our article: movie mode explained: HD video cameras on DSLRs, we tell you what to look for when choosing a camera with HD video

Matt Explains - lens mounts

Lens Mounts explained

In our Lens Mounts explained article we discuss why cameras and lenses need to communicate now more than ever

Fisheye Lenses

Love them or hate them, fisheye lenses have a place in photography – albeit probably a minor one. Fisheye lenses also require a rethink when it comes to explaining their angles-of-view.

Lens hoods

Why are some lens hoods circular whereas other lens hoods have a curious castellated shape? It’s time to think about lens-hood design.

Sony NEX-5

What are Mirrorless Cameras?

Sony's NEX system is part of a new category of camera that boasts DSLR sensors and image quality and interchangeable lenses but, thanks to the omission of the DSLR's mirror assembly which greatly...


Dust Removal Systems

Getting dust on your sensor can ruin your pictures, or entail hours of retouching. Matt looks at how manufacturers aim to solve the problem at the source by implementing dust removal systems...

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