How to Master Raw File Batch Processing With Elements: Page 3

Rated Raw Files

Apply Changes Across Only Your Rated Raw Files

1 As well as being able to apply image changes across all the queued files by choosing the Select All button, you can also adjust a subset of the files listed. Start by reviewing each of the queued files in turn by clicking onto the thumbnail on the left of the dialogue. During the review process, rate those files that you want to adjust as a group.

2 Select the rated files. Do this by clicking the star rating section located under each thumbnail. Once the review process is completed and all files to be enhanced as a group are rated, hold down Alt and choose the Select Rated button at the top of the queued list. Notice that this action selects only files with a star rating attached.


3 Now you can set about applying the changes to those selected as before. Notice that now the changes that you make to the previewed image are copied across to the rated thumbnails only. If you want to remove an image from the Rated group simply click on the No Rating option under the thumbnail.




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