How to Master Raw File Batch Processing With Elements: Page 2

Multiple Raw Files

How to Apply Changes to a Batch of Raw Files

1 For the fastest way to synchronise your enhancement changes, start by multi-selecting files from the Organizer space that have similar characteristics or were shot under the same lighting conditions. Next, open the pictures in Adobe Camera Raw by selecting the Full Edit option from the right-click menu.

2 Now select one photo from the queue that is indicative in tone and colour of the whole group. With this photo displayed in the preview area, choose Select All from the top of the dialogue. Proceed to make enhancements to the previewed files as normal. Notice that these changes are also applied to other photos in the queue.


3 The changes made to all the photos can be fine-tuned for individual images: just select each picture in turn and adjust the controls. If no such changes are needed, save the selected photos using the Save Images button, transfer them to the Edit workspace with the Open Images option, or click Done to apply the enhancement settings.



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