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Storing your work

The biggest issue when away from home is how to store the growing number of images that you’ll create. Taking your laptop away is certainly the cheapest option – if you’ve got one already – as this will allow you to dump down your memory card each night and even burn your images to CDR as an extra safety measure.

If you don’t possess a laptop, the next best option is to invest in a pocket hard drive device such as the NixVue Vista or Nikon’s new Coolwalker. Both of these devices offer a huge amount of storage for just a bit more than a microdrive, but can be operated in the field without a power connection and can be used to preview your images via a built-in LCD screen, so you don’t waste your own camera battery power.

Another great idea if you don’t fancy shelling out on a pocket drive is to invest in one of Apple’s iPods. Essentially a portable storage device like the NixVue, the iPod can be used to ferry camera data around too provided you buy the additional card reader accessory.

Perhaps the most expensive option is the purchase of additional memory cards, pound for pound a much more costly way of archiving your shots when away from home.

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