RAF Photographic Competition

Sac Rob Travis

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Runner up ‘RAF Equipment' RAF Photographic Competition

Sac Rob Travis

Slip the very bonds of Earth

Nikon d3, 70-200mm lens, 1/2500sec @ f/10

Rob Travis was waiting for the legendary aerobatic display team the Red Arrows to return following their last display of the day. ‘It was a beautiful January winter evening's sun,' he says. ‘The Arrows did a massive final loop, and I got the shot as they were going into the loop. You can always tell when the boss is happy: he always does an extra loop for everybody!' Rob's been using the Nikon D3. ‘What's not to like about it?,' he says. ‘It feels right, the buttons are in the right places, it's quick to focus and change lenses. It's absolutely ideal for quick-thinking photography.'

About the Royal Air Force Photographic Competition

The RAF's photographic competition has run annually for 24 years and aims to show the global work of the RAF, as well as the skill and technical competence of Royal Air Force photographers. This year saw more than 1,000 entries.