What is the best DSLR style hybrid camera?

You want a hybrid camera with DSLR style features. Here is a list of our favourite DSLR style hybrid cameras


DSLR style hybrid cameras:

Panasonic DMC-GH2

One of the first CSC cameras to offer high spec features to rival that of a DSLR, to the point where the Panasonic GH2 could easily be considered to be on a par with the likes of the Canon EOS 60D. The lightspeed AF, touchscreen and 16MP sensor all add up to a superb camera that dispels the myth that CSC cameras are only for beginners..


  Has a manual exposure mode Has HD video Has a large LCD screen Has a built-in flash Takes sd media cards  

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Samsung NX11

Less of an obvious improvement on it's predecessor, more of a series of tweaks and adjustments to make an already decent camera all the better. The AMOLED screen is both bright and sharp, the 14.6MP produces extremely impressive images and the new i-Function lenses add extra functionality to allow rapid access to a number of features.


14 megapixels Has a maximum ISO of 3200 Has a manual exposure mode Has HD video Has a large LCD screen Has a built-in flashTakes sd media cards

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