What is the best compact camera with HD movie?

You want a compact camera with HD movie. Here is a list of our favourite compacts with HD movie capability

Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ20

Few can argue with the feature list of the TZ20, which includes a 16x optical zoom and GPS feature. Both are impressive, but the full HD AVCHD video mode is the icing on the cake, producing the kind of video clips that will still look good on a 50inch HDTV. 


Has built-in anti shake  Has a manual exposure mode Has HD video   Takes sd media cards

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Sony WX1Sony DSC-WX1

The WX1 handles very well, and is a pleasure to use. The new technologies open up new shooting opportunities, while image quality is excellent, even at high-ISO settings. All in all, it's an impressive compact from Sony.


10 Megapixels  Has built-in anti shake 3200 max ISO Has HD video  Uses MS type memory cards

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Sony CyberShot DSC-HX9

Sporting the same, high-quality AVCHD movie mode as the TZ20 means the results coming from the Sony HX9 are equally as impressive. Add this to the 16x optical zoom and 16MP sensor and the results are a superbly well-featured compact.  


  Has built-in anti shake 3200 max ISO Has a manual exposure mode Has HD video Has a large LCD screen Takes sd media cards

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