What Digital Camera Awards - Camera of the Year

With such diversity in this year's camera releases, picking the one which has impressed us the most hasn't been easy. Yet, while many have made an impression, it's the OM-D E-M5 which has perhaps made the greatest. Appealing to seasoned OM users, DSLR owners and those after the latest digital technology as well, the OM-D E-M5 is the perfect blend of style and technology.

Its merits are too plentiful to mention in their entirety, but with a 9fps burst mode, a splashproof body designed with a tiltable display and a 5-axis image stabilisation at the forefront of the spec sheet, it's clear even on paper how impressive the model promises to be in use. Traditionalists will no doubt appreciate a design inspired by the analogue OM series, as well as a viewfinder - albeit an electronic one - for more orthodox composition. And those after a more modern shooting experience benefit from a responsive OLED display on the rear. We found little to complain about with its images too - all in all, then, a fine headliner for Olympus's CSC range.